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Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc BINCENTIVE INC.Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc BINCENTIVE INC.Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc BINCENTIVE INC.Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc BINCENTIVE INC.

Mô tả công việc

▌About the role

As a UIUX designer at Bincentive, you will be responsible for structuring and designing of our existing and future products. You will be leading the core product design as well as communicate, present and co-work with cross-functional teams to meet business objectives. The ability to turn complex functions and flows of cryptocurrency platforms into simple-to-use interfaces is critical.

▌What you'll do

- Translate concepts into a clear direction through UX deliverables such as sketches, user flows, sitemaps, wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes that lead to intuitive user experiences

- Develop and follow product brand guidelines across all assets and materials

- Work collaboratively with product managers and developers to define a clear strategy and success metrics for projects, ensure the design is properly applied to the goal

- Collaborate with marketing and customer support team occasionally to deliver excellent experiences for our customers

- Gather and analyze user feedback/user data and further strategize design plans to achieve higher user engagement rates

- Deliver web apps & mobile apps (IOS & Android) designs on time

- Keep up with competitor products and industry trends

Yêu cầu


- Minimum of 3 years of hands-on interactive and user experience design

- Familiar with Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator

- A portfolio showing your high quality, thoughtful UI and UX work across both mobile and web

- Innovative in problem-solving, open-minded to solution feedback, highly adaptive to design iteration methods, and able to make informed design decisions that would maximize customer values

- Able to work on projects independently

- Great written skills in English

- Basic understanding of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

▌Great to have

- Growth hacking & experience in A/B tests

- Good knowledge of crypto investing

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Về chúng tôi


如同公司命名的寓意:Blockchain Incentive ,建立於區塊鏈技術之上的獎勵機制。Bincentive 串聯全球頂尖的量化交易團隊,同時替投資人篩選及設計出符合自身風險需求的加密貨幣投資產品,帶給投資人一個完全透明、安全且操作簡易的新世代資產管理服務平台。

有別於一般的資產管理平台,Bincentive 更重視平台背後的獨特性及技術能力。除了有多樣產品設計專利與強大的平台技術優勢,也真實地運用區塊鏈技術打造金融工程,通過智能合約和代幣經濟方案達到機構級資產管理的嚴謹及安全。



Bincentive is a startup blockchain technology development company. Our main product is the blockchain financial digital asset management platform research and development, maintenance and related services.

The company name is based on its essence - Blockchain Incentive, a reward mechanism based on blockchain technology. Bincentive connects the world's top quantitative trading teams, screens and designs crypto investment products for investors with various needs, and ultimately brings a transparent, secure, and easy-to-operate next-generation asset management platform.

Unlike other platforms, Bincentive highlights its uniqueness and technical capabilities behind its services. We use blockchain technology to create financial engineering in addition to various product design patents, providing institutional security through smart contracts and token economic solutions.

It is the company's core philosophy and value to make blockchain technology more commonly used in the traditional financial trading markets.

Welcome to join our team!



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Toàn thời gianCộng sự/Phó Giám đốc42K ~ 80K TWD/thángĐã cập nhật khoảng 1 tháng trước


Glory Information Ltd.
Toàn thời gianTrung cấp38K ~ 100K TWD/thángĐã cập nhật 15 ngày trước

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