Data Engineer

Job Description

As a data engineer at botimize, you'll enjoy a high level of ownership of the features you work on. The team members are located in Taiwan and Hong Kong. You’ll have lots of time to work with remote colleagues. We are looking for a passionate Data Engineer Intern who has the skills to wrangle data. Your work will empower millions of chatbot developers worldwide to optimize their bots for better service quality. Together, we can redesign bot analytics and create the best chatbot analytics experience.


- Will be responsible for building system with Nature Language Processing (NLP) and Text-Mining techniques

- Build and maintain web crawler

- Research, learn and implement several machine learning models (including deep learning!)

- Work for two week days is a minimum


- Experience with Python, R, or other programming languages

- Interest in AI and chatbot industry

- Experience with ML/DM/NLP related projects or courseworks


- Enjoy startup working style

- Great English communication ability


Per year TWD 8,000 ~ 12,000



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