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Botrista is on a mission to make healthy delicious craft beverage more accessible by replacing all the fountains machines with drink robots. By providing automated craft drink solution for restaurants and food-service providers, we help customers drive revenue and enhance the guest experience by making premium beverages like fusion teas & lattes, flavored lemonades and sparkling water accessible and affordable. Botrista’s patented technology allows for viscous ingredients like natural juice, honey and yogurt to be easily dispensed and blended to create complex beverages in under 20 seconds using a touch screen.

We are looking for a UIUX Designer to play a critical role in designing and putting into production our next generation of machines that will continue to disrupt the beverage industry. You will help craft all aspects of the look, feel and design of our new products. This position will be heavily involved in the R&D team, providing direction on each new form and module. Specifying layout structure, flow, color palettes, iconography, as well as encapsulating complex functions and options into simple to use interfaces is critical.

As a UIUX Designer at Botrista, you will:
1. Collaborate with Engineering & Account Manager teams, to ensure designs are feasible to implement and subsequently implemented accurately. 
2. Create and iterate designs for new features and enhancements, from concept through detailed mockups and delivery.
3. Observe and interact with users to develop meaningful workflows, evolving product needs, and existing challenges.
4. Lead ideation and iteration of user interfaces.


1. 2-5 years of experience with a track record of product design success.
2. Demonstrable understanding of visual and user experience design disciplines and principles.
3. Proficiency with professional tools such as Adobe CC, Sketch, Figma and other design tools.
4. Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills in English.
5. Experience applying user experience design principles to data and information visualization in the business.
6. Self-motivated with the ability to work independently in a dynamic environment.

【 Great to Have 】
1. A portfolio showing your high quality, thoughtful UI and UX work across both mobile and web, including some prototypes
2. Ability to successfully give and receive critical design feedback to push the experience to the next level.

【How to Apply】
Please send your resume, cover letter and portfolio to "[email protected]"

Botrista Technology 百睿達有限公司




創業團隊皆來自矽谷高科技公司背景,目前集結 Facebook 主設計師、卡內基美隆創新產品開發專家、 MIT Sloan MBA 專業經理人以及資深軟體工程師等領域人才,擁有堅強的技術實力以及創新產品開發經驗,在美國與亞洲市場大力推廣現作飲品品牌,並與超過20年的資深食品產業巨擘策略聯盟,打造出智能現調飲料機,服務連鎖餐飲集團及知名飲料品牌,欲將客製化以及標準化做到完美平衡,提供店家最佳出餐效率且高品質的新鮮飲品。





UI/UX Product Designer

フルタイム中級レベル45K ~ 62K TWD/約12時間前に更新されました

(ノ>ω<)ノ UI/UX Designer

Rinse Design
フルタイム中級レベル700K ~ 840K TWD/8ヶ月前に更新されました



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Python 軟體工程師 Python Software Engineer

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工業工程師 Industrial Engineer

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IT運維技術人員 (DevOps Engineer)

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