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Logo of Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司.
Logo of Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司.

Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司

Logo of Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司.
Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司
Logo of Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司.
Bubbleye 大眼科技有限公司

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Our team hails from Italy, Taiwan and USA with backgrounds from NTU (臺大) and UCLA。 We are alumni of Silicon Valley backed MOX Accelerator and recently closed Series A venture funding from Taipei based Darwin Ventures. We're also backed by several notable angel investors and advisors, including Duncan Clark (Alibaba) and Chris Reitermann (CEO Ogilvy Asia). Our clients are world leading game publishers from across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Started by an international team of AI experts and mobile gaming fanatics, Bubbleye is a fast growing AI startup now with R&D headquarters in Taipei and biz dev teams working across the globe. We are solving mobile user acquisition inefficiencies through automation and inferential algorithms. And to achieve that, we pick the best of the best. A select team with an international DNA, a very open culture mix across nations and continents, driven by the same powerful driving force: a passion for innovation and growth, guts to disrupt, and skills to implement.

We are ahead of the global race to solving mobile user acquisition, with unique tech and talent.
Run with us, grow with us and succeed with us!

At Bubbleye’s core is trust, respect and passion for growth. We are looking for people who share our values and want to build a product on top of them.

Send us your CV at [email protected]

關於 Bubbleye

我們的團隊成員來自義大利、台灣、美國和英國,並擁有台交成和 MIT 背景。我們曾受矽谷背景的 MOX 加速器培植,最近籌集了新一輪的創投資金,以實現前所未有的增長。我們還得到了幾位著名天使投資人、顧問的支持,包括 Duncan Clark(阿里巴巴)和 Chris Reitermann(奧美亞洲執行長)。我們的客戶來自美洲、歐洲和亞洲,都是居世界領先地位的遊戲發行商。

Bubbleye 由一支 AI 專家、手遊狂熱者組成的跨國團隊創立,是一家成長快速的 AI 新創企業,研發總部位於台北,業務開發團隊遍布全球。我們通過自動化、推論演算法,解決行動用戶獲取效率低下的問題。為了實現這一目標,我們精挑細選具有國際化 DNA 的優秀團隊,跨國、跨洲際極盡開放的文化融匯。我們所做的一切都受同一力量驅動:對創新和成長的熱情、設法突破的勇氣,以及達成使命的能力。



Bubbleye 的核心價值是互信、尊重和對成長的熱情。我們正在尋找共享我們價值觀,並能以此為本共同開發產品的人。

這一切,都從應徵工作開始,請將您的簡歷寄到 [email protected]

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