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Partnership Development Representative, Business Development


Job Description

We are looking for a smart and quick learner as our Partnership Development Associate to join our core business team in Taipei. The Partnership Development Associate is an important member of Cake, playing a critical role in building strategic partnerships including but not limited to universities, talent groups, and government agencies.The primary objective is to market and promote Cake to prospective users/customers, and create business opportunities to our Business Development team and execute business development activities for targeted customers. You will be required to be hands-on and help ensure customer adoption, retention and satisfaction.


  • Conduct lead generation process through cold calls, and emails to develop and execute strategic partnership plans that align with Cake's business objectives.
  • Identify and evaluate potential partners that can help drive growth and revenue.
  • Negotiate partnership agreements and contracts that ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Create creative marketing campaigns and physical events to grow and generate business leads.
  • Monitor and analyze market trends, competitive activity, and industry developments to identify new partnership opportunities.
  • Work closely with Business Development and Marketing teams to implement creative ways to improve our customer relationships, tailor and share performance-enhancing suggestions, and promote Cake.

Who You Are

Proven track record of 1) driving teams to expand into new markets (develop new businesses, partnerships, expand into new territories etc.) and 2) increasing revenue significantly through strategic partnerships (2M+ USD businesses annually, creating 500K+ USD new businesses etc.)

  • 3+ years of work experience in sales, business development, business consulting, and partnership development, or 1+ years of dedicated entrepreneurial experience
  • Critical thinker who is passionate about creating and implementing solutions
  • Effective communicator who is clear in putting across thoughts and ideas (Competent English ability required)
  • Effective coordinator who is able to lead teams from marketing, business, and tech backgrounds to get things done
  • Must be result-oriented, and always be focusing on driving results in a measurable way to ensure we stay focused on the highest impact initiatives
  • Always be willing to change and develop new opportunities for all
  • Have passion in turning ideas into reality, and unlocking the unknowns in the world


With the above said, we understand that no candidate is perfectly qualified for any job and believe that diversity of background and thought makes for better problem-solving and creative thinking, which is why we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team. What's even more important than your resume is a positive attitude, passion for the work, personal drive for growth, and the ability to thrive in a fluid and collaborative environment. We want you to learn new things in this role and encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't align perfectly with what is listed here.


Cake Business Team Culture

Values that are the foundation of our team culture, which every member embodies:

  • Raise the bar - Impact matters. Stay focused and curious.
  • Think big & hustle - Push for bold, thoughtful, and rapid innovation.
  • People first - Prioritize development and wellbeing. Help people flourish and feel valued.
  • Transparency builds trust - Communicate with candor, honesty, and respect.
  • Strength through inclusion - Welcome all voices. What makes you unique makes us all strong.
  • One team, one dream - Pride and passion for our mission. Work collaboratively and have fun.

👉 Why Cake Business Team?


Please note we prefer applicant who are able to demonstrate your uniqueness as a candidate, one that can bring value to Cake in cover letter in English.

Please note down 3–5 points describing evidence of exceptional ability related to this role (and achievement on this or other fields if any) * Professional / Academic: e.g. Leading the production of XX courses / month, 2nd Place, National University Debating Championship; Increased 50% sales within 2 months after revamping the flow structure as the main contributor; Acquired 20 top-tier clients within a year and reached 20% market penetration in a specific area. 

Interview process

There are three main stages in our interview process:

  • Video call (45 mins - 1 hour screening)
  • Take-home exercise & review
  • Onsite interview (1 - 2 hours visiting)

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Cake is an international talent platform that provides a world's top online resume building tool and brings global opportunities to talent in the digital age.

Since launching in May 2016 in Silicon Valley, we now manage over 6M talent profiles & 7K company profiles on Cake. Innovative companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Nvidia, TSMC, as well as leading brands of all kinds including L'Oréal, P&G, and many more are working intensively with Cake for better talent engagement. 

We're a growing team of 100+ creatives, business talents, marketing gurus and techies, and are dedicated to creating an ecosystem where great talents can meet great companies efficiently, and building a world-class brand along the way! 


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190 TWD / hour