CakeResume Campus Ambassador — Business Development (Remote Internship)

CakeResume Campus Ambassador Program

CakeResume Campus Ambassador Program work environment photoCakeResume Campus Ambassador Program work environment photoCakeResume Campus Ambassador Program work environment photoCakeResume Campus Ambassador Program work environment photo

Job Description

CakeResume 校園大使是一個專門給在學學生的遠端實習培訓計畫

在這個計畫中,你會有真正自己的企劃,獲得與 CakeResume 團隊一同討論執行解決社會實際問題的機會,有機會第一線了解各領先創新產業的發展求才需求,幫助同學與自己更了解如何拓展國際職涯。


*校園大使是一個專門給學生的遠端實習培訓計畫,若嚮往與正職員工合作更緊密合作的 inhouse 實習,歡迎這裡申請。


Q:校園大使實習培訓計畫與一般 inhouse 實習有何不同?我合適申請哪一個呢?
A:校園大使實習培訓計畫,合適需要彈性時間配合修課,同時追求提前累積實務經驗的大一到大三學生; 一般 inhouse 實習合適已有一定程度的實務經驗,嚮往加速累積經驗進入職場的大二到碩士班學生。

CakeResume Campus Ambassador Program 
— Business Development (Remote Internship)

More info:

What we are looking for

We are seeking highly-intelligent, high-judgment, self-motivated starters who are able to wear many hats, and are willing to go the extra mile. We are looking for students to be the campus ambassadors who are ambitious, entrepreneurial, well connected, have a desire to network and become more involved in their college community.


  • Plan and host career fair events on or off campus to connect talents to great companies.
  • Build strong relationship with students from different backgrounds, and key stakeholders from startup, leading tech company, accelerator program etc.
  • Work closely with CakeResume business team, and COO to launch brand awareness programs and introduce CakeResume to potential users in campus or from all over the world.


  • Receive training and mentorship from CakeResume employees, and directly work with COO.
  • Opportunities to participate in CakeResume events including Talent Connect, Job Fair and more.
  • Opportunities to interact with startup founders, diverse talents from leading/innovative companies as a CakeResume representative

Potential Career Pathways

  • Business Development 
  • PR & Partnership
  • Product/Service Planning & Marketing
  • Business Analysis & Strategy
  • Talent Engagement & Acquisition



    • 實習週期 5 個月
    • 遠端模式,一週可進辦公室一天以上與團隊一同學習合作與討論
    • 僅限大學學生申請,歡迎各背景 (因需配合進辦公室討論,目前僅開放北部大學申請)
    • 具備基礎英語會話能力
    • 具備實習、社團合作或個人專案等經驗,並擁有商務、行銷、活動相關專案執行成果

    Bonus Qualifications

    • 有相關實習或銷售經驗
    • 有社群經營與數位內容行銷經驗
    • 對搜尋引擎運作, SEO, Google Analytics 有基礎知識

    * 請用英文履歷、求職信申請
    * 有機會轉正職


    Taipei city

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    About us

    Become a CakeResume Campus Ambassador with training from CakeResume. Learn public speaking, content marketing, community leadership, and business development skills that will help you improve your campus.


    Gareth Cheng
    Chun-Chun Hsieh

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