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香港新創 🇭🇰🇭🇰 資深 Java 後端開發👨‍💻🤳(系統分析師 / 全端工程師)🛰🚀📲📡📢 - SH

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Job Description

香港新創🇭🇰🇭🇰 來台新技術團隊聚點 🛰🧑‍💻🚀📲📞☎📣

Communication Solutions 為企業提供通訊解決方案,打造更有效率的用戶體驗,合作的企業客戶及專案夥伴包括全球雲服務領導品牌和遊戲大廠。

招募 資深 Java 後端開發為主(系統分析師 / 全端工程師)配合技術主管團隊打造全新的服務平台,這會是一份具備高發展空間及挑戰性的工作。



  • 負責參與客戶需求討論, 需求分析和系統設計
  • 前後端程式的開發整合及API串接
  • 應用程式的改善、運維、編碼、執行、統整、紀錄和用戶指南設計
  • 供應商的品質監控管理及發展評估
  • 在技術主管的指導下與其他團隊成員和合作夥伴解決問題和維護系統
  • 在突發情況下能妥善的應對及危機處理

Job descriptions:

  • Be Responsible for business requirement analysis and system design
  • Be responsible for not only applications development, but also applications enhancement, coding, implementation, integration, documentation and user guide per agreed standards
  • Monitor vendor development and check the quality of vendors' deliverables
  • Problem solving and system maintenance with other team members and partners under the guidance of the technical management team
  • Ensure change requests are well managed and prioritized according the change management control



  • 大學畢業 (最好是電腦科學或相關學科)
  • 以下經驗如有為佳:
    • 使用 JAVA、Spring Framework/SpringBoot 和 Hibernate 開發 Web 應用程序的經驗
    • 熟悉Web 應用程序的UI/UX 和前端開發
    • 掌握 HTML5 和 JavaScript 框架(React、js/Vue.js/jQuery)的技能
    • 了解 Restful API 集成
    • 了解版本控制工具 (GIT/SVN) 和 Linux
    • 有實際項目管理經驗


  • University graduate preferably in Computer Science or related disciplines
  • Optional:
    • Experience in Web application development with JAVA, Spring Framework/SpringBoot and Hibernate
    • Familiar with UI/UX and frontend development of Web applications
    • Hands on skills in HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks (React,js/Vue.js/jQuery)
    • Knowledge of Restful API integration would be advantages
    • Knowledge in version control tools (GIT/SVN) and Linux would be advantages
    • Experience in hands-on project management

Interview process


    • Feel free to let me know if you are interested it to learn more, thank you!
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Line: samuelhsucake
    • Linkedin:
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2 years of experience required
850,000 ~ 1,400,000 TWD / year
Managing 1-5 staff
Partial Remote Work
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