[Indonesia] Content Marketing Specialist

Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated and creative professional to join our team as a Content Marketing Specialist. The ideal candidate must possess proven skills and experience in digital marketing, especially in growth hacking in the Indonesian market. The role comes with a focus on content and event marketing, therefore creativity, impeccable language skills, and relevant experience are required along with a passion for creating engaging and educational content for CakeResume’s target audiences.


  • Work with the content marketing team to come up with strategies and produce content for B2C and B2B audiences to achieve important business objectives. This include, but is limited to: white papers, newsletters, landing pages, product content localizations, etc.
  • Maintain the output quality of all content produced, ensuring alignment with brand guidelines and business objectives.
  • Track the performance of produced content, analyze performance data and come up with optimization strategies.
  • Work with the marketing team to initiate, plan & execute events to attracting B2C and B2B audiences. This include, but is not limited to: researching and inviting potential collaborators, negotiating collaborations, planning events, managing resources for events, etc.
  • Define, align, track and analyze event marketing outcomes to come up with optimization strategies.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to plan & execute creative marketing campaigns, and support the team from a content perspective.


Basic Qualifications:

  • 1-2 years experience in digital marketing
  • Excellent communication and copywriting skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Possess knowledge on SEO marketing (and technical SEO, preferably)
  • Able to juggle multiple projects and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong attention to detail and time management
  • Enjoy communicating with others and loves testing out different ideas or approaches to reach a goal
  • Creative and initiative, actively seeking new ways to help create new break throughs
  • Efficient and agile, manages time and continuously finding new ways to streamline processes and solve bottlenecks within the team/company

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Have knowledge about the Indonesian HR and Recruitment landscape, such as hiring or CV, interview, job search & career development-related knowledge
  • Have a keen eye for design and/or graphic design skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Figma, etc.)
  • Have experience in using CMS tools
  • Have experience in CRM marketing and tools
  • Possess knowledge in HTML/CSS
  • Have 2B marketing experience (with experience generating leads or revenue)

Application Requirements:

Please note that we will prioritize applicants who can effectively showcase their individuality as candidates, highlighting how they can contribute value to CakeResume through a well-crafted CV and cover letter in English. Kindly share 1-3 of your key abilities and notable achievements relevant to this position with us in your cover letter.

Please also make sure to include a link to your personal portfolio in the cover letter.

Interview process

  1. Online logical test
  2. 30~45 minutes online phone screen
  3. 1 hour Marketing Q&A
  4. Take home exercise
  5. 1.5~2 hours onsite/online final interview
2 years of experience required
130,000,000 ~ 195,000,000 IDR / year
Partial Remote Work
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2.5M ~ 3M IDR / month

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480K ~ 700K TWD / year

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