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Recruitment Consultant Intern — 人才招募顧問實習生 (提供轉正職機會)

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Job Description

As CakeResume's Recruitment Consultant Intern, you will work closely with our recruitment consultant team to help clients find suitable candidates, and reach their hiring & business goals.

Starting with an online resume builder, there have been nearly one million digital talents using CakeResume to build career profiles and search jobs. Thousands of companies are using our services to find the right talent, including Job Posting, Talent Search, and Recruitment Services. Our rapidly growing talent database helps our consultants find suitable candidates in an efficient and effective way.

If you would like to develop a career in sales, this opportunity enables you to learn advanced business skills, 2B communication skills, as well as market insights for talent acquisition. With adequate training in cold calls & cold emails, plus working closely with our experienced consultants, we believe that we can help you master essential business skills!

身為 CakeResume 的招募顧問實習生,您將與我們的招募顧問團隊一起協助 CakeResume 的企業客戶媒合適合的求職者,幫助企業達到招募和商業拓展目標。


CakeResume 從履歷工具起家,至今已經累積近百萬的使用者,並且提供數千家企業職缺刊登人才搜尋、與招募顧問等服務。龐大且每天持續成長的人才資料庫幫助我們的顧問團隊更有效率的幫企業媒合人選。

如果您希望朝業務職位發展,這個機會將能讓您學習基礎和進階的業務技巧、以及與企業和人才應對的能力、並了解人才市場的運作方式。透過大量的 cold call/cold email 訓練,並與我們經驗豐富的顧問合作,相信能幫助您建立扎實的業務能力!

▲Our Mission

We are on a mission to become the largest talent pool in APAC and bring global opportunities to our users.

With 800k+ profiles in our talent pool, we are developing a more efficient way to identify qualified candidates and match them to top tech companies.

▲Why Work Here

You'll work and learn with a team with strong technical background and recruitment experiences, joining our journey of reshaping the recruitment market with technology and online marketing.

      • Serve as an assistant member of the Recruitment Team in helping to drive overall candidate sourcing and technical assessments, and match them to tech companies.
      • Help fast-growing companies to build their team and help them meet their business goals.
      • Strong command of Mandarin in both verbal and writing
      • Passion for startups and tech ecosystem – understanding how startups operate and the unique characteristics of tech ecosystem and communities.
      • Professional maturity – ability to operate effectively and with self-discipline given ambiguity, diverse market needs, minimal micro-managerial oversight, and geographically dispersed teammates.
      ▲Bonus Qualifications
      • Strong command of English in both verbal and writing.
      • Experiences in sales is a plus: the ability to work under pressure and enjoy sales-related job roles


      Please note, we prefer interns who can work at least 3 days a week (during the academic year) for at least 4-6 months

      Interview process

      There are three main stages in our interview process:

      1. Phone Screening ( 15 mins )
      2. Online / Onsite meeting with line manager ( 45 mins - 1 hour )
      3. 7-Day Take-home exercise & review
      4. Onsite interview ( 1 - 2 hours visiting )
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        180 ~ 180 TWD / hour
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        About us

        CakeResume is an international talent platform provides a world's top online resume building tool and brings global opportunities to talent in the digital age.

        Since launching in May 2016 in Silicon Valley, we now manage over 5M talent profiles & 7K company profiles on CakeResume. Innovative companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Nvidia, TSMC, as well as leading brands of all kinds including L'Oréal, P&G, and many more are working intensively with CakeResume for better talent engagement. 

        We're a growing team of 100+ creatives, business talents, marketing gurus and techies, and are dedicated to creating an ecosystem where great talents can meet great companies efficiently, and building a world-class brand along the way! 


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        Senior Recruitment Consultant
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        Senior Recruitment Consultant
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        Associate Marketing Manager
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        Content Marketing Strategist
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        Business Development Representative


        30K ~ 40K TWD / month

        Mid-Senior level
        40K ~ 60K TWD / month

        Mid-Senior level
        50K ~ 80K TWD / month