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CakeResume is an international talent platform provides a world's top online resume building tool and brings global opportunities to talent in the digital age.

Since launching in May 2016 in Silicon Valley, we now manage over 6M talent profiles & 7K company profiles on CakeResume. Innovative companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Nvidia, TSMC, as well as leading brands of all kinds including L'Oréal, P&G, and many more are working intensively with CakeResume for better talent engagement. 

We're a growing team of 100+ creatives, business talents, marketing gurus and techies, and are dedicated to creating an ecosystem where great talents can meet great companies efficiently, and building a world-class brand along the way! 

Products or services

For job seekers

  • Online multimedia resume builder
  • Job search portal
  • CakeResume Community
  • CakeResume Blog
  • CakeResume Podcast

For employers

  • Career page with application management system 
  • Talent search engine
  • Recruitment services
  • Employer branding services
  • CakeResume Blog
  • CakeResume Podcast


We're dedicated to creating an ecosystem where great talents can meet great companies efficiently in the digital age.

Employee benefits


    Elevate Your Work-Life Balance:

    1. Generous Time Off: From Day 1, you can enjoy a refreshing 15 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) annually, empowering you to recharge and rejuvenate.
    2. Flexible Work Arrangements: Embrace a modern work culture with the flexibility of two remote work days every month, allowing you to tailor your schedule to suit your lifestyle.
    3. Complimentary Stress-Relief Massages: Twice a week, professional massage therapists will be available in the office to provide complimentary stress-relief massages! 

    Investing in Your Growth:

    1. Continuous Learning Opportunities: Unlock your potential with training compensations, ensuring you stay ahead in your professional journey through ongoing skill development.
    2. Knowledge Sharing Extravaganza: Engage in enriching Internal Sharing Sessions where our team members exchange insights, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.
    3. Exclusive Access to Talent Networking: Elevate your professional network with complimentary entry to CakeResume's Talent Connect Events, offering opportunities to connect with industry leaders and like-minded professionals.

    Rewarding Connections:

    1. Annual Company Retreat: Join us on an exhilarating annual company trip, where we celebrate successes, foster team bonds, and create lasting memories together.
    2. Quarterly Retreat Meal: Savor the moments with our Quarterly Retreat Meal, a time to unwind, share ideas, and enjoy a delicious meal together as a team.
    3. Year-end Party: Celebrate the year's achievements and milestones at our spectacular Year-End Party, an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and festivities.

    Celebrate Life's Moments:

    1. Festive Cheer: Immerse yourself in the joy of Festival Celebrations, from festive office décor to themed events like X'mas and Halloween, adding a touch of celebration to your workdays.
    2. Bonding Beyond the Office: Strengthen team bonds during our Team Outings, ranging from movie days to interactive activities like self-baking classes. Experience camaraderie in a relaxed setting.
    3. Free Snacks and Beverages:
      Fuel your creativity with a variety of complimentary snacks and beverages, ensuring you stay energized and focused throughout the day.
    4. Polish Your Professional Image: Elevate your online presence with a Professional Profile Photoshoot, ensuring you make a lasting impression in the digital realm.

    At CakeResume, we believe in nurturing an environment that not only values your contributions but also prioritizes your well-being and growth. Experience a workplace where balance meets excellence, and join us in shaping a rewarding career journey.

Work environment


  • 3 minutes walk away from Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station (Taipei office)

CakeResume Values

核心價值:Think big, Start small, Act fast

  • Solve Problems with First Principles Thinking
  • Build Informed Collaboration
  • Give Direct and Constructive Feedback
  • Be a Leader to Drive Success
  • Empower Excellence with High Talent Density


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Senior Recruitment Consultant
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Senior Recruitment Consultant
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Senior Marketing Specialist
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Business Development Representative
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Senior Manager of Recruitment
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Business Development
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Marketing Specialist
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Marketing Strategist

Tech stack

Amazon Web Services
Ruby on Rails
「幫助人才成長」是 CakeResume 的使命。我們從台灣開始到全世界,幫助新世代的人才連結各種機會以挖掘成長的各種可能性。於是我們在 2020 年開始製作《科技職涯 Talent Connect》Podcast,並在 2022 年開設全新《職涯探險》Podcast,期待透過多元的分享,帶給人才有啟發性的觀點。我們期待你幫助我們一起讓更多人聽到這些精采故事! 【 關於《科技職涯 Talen...
190 ~ 200 TWD / hour
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility

We are seeking an Assistant Marketing Manager based in Indonesia to spearhead our brand's local growth, lead a dynamic marketing team, and act as a pivotal link between Taiwan and our local marketi...
Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
180M ~ 360M IDR / year
3 years of experience required
Managing 1-5 staff

「幫助人才成長」是 CakeResume 創立初衷的使命。我們從台灣挑戰國際級舞台,幫助新世代的人才連結各種機會以挖掘更多可能性! 隨著 CakeResume 社群帳號的快速成長,我們計畫發展更多的短影音和 YouTube 長影音內容。 我們正在尋找一位充滿熱情和並擅長製作影片的專業人才,幫助 CakeResume 拓展影音平台渠道。 期待你能夠透過創意靈活、成效顯著的影片內容,讓 Cake...
470K ~ 720K TWD / year
1 years of experience required
No management responsibility

隨著 CakeResume 社群帳號的快速成長,我們計畫發展更多的短影音和 YouTube 長片內容,我們正在積極尋找 社群 影音實習生 加入團隊。 身為 CakeResume 行銷團隊的一員,期待你能夠透過創意靈活、成效顯著的社群行銷內容,讓 CakeResume 的社群被更多人看見!把握這份機會,你將能體驗到各種社群平台的經營模式、紮實累積品牌社群行銷經驗,並接觸到許多國際知名企業(Go...
190 ~ 200 TWD / hour
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility

CakeResume is one of the fastest growing talent platforms across regions in APAC. Founded in 2016, CakeResume is backed by global investors, creating the one of the largest hiring marketplace for t...
40K ~ 60K TWD / month
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility

SaaS / Cloud Services
51 ~ 200
$5 Million