CATCHPLAY+ Senior IT Engineer

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Job Description

  • 【 工作內容 】

    • 資訊系統(包含檔案儲存)管理流程與權限規劃
    • 虛擬化系統日常維護與建置(VMware vSphere)
    • Switch / Firewall / WiFi 網路規劃、建置與管理
    • 儲存設備管理、維護 (NAS/Tape)
    • 網路安全相關設定管理(包含隔離網路的監控及追蹤)
    • 資安威脅分析及處理
    • 用戶端設備資訊安全管理(包含筆電與行動裝置)
    • 辦公室資訊設備管理
    • 軟硬體資產採購及維護作業
    • 資訊軟硬體異常問題排除(包含客戶端電腦及設備配置)


【 必備條件 】

  • 基本必備條件
    • 3年以上相關經驗
    • 熟悉 Windows / macOS 軟、硬體問題排查
    • 了解TCP/IP網路、防火牆、Switch、VPN,具網路規劃及實作經驗
    • 具虛擬化服務建置及維運管理經驗
    • 具有資安設備(例如FW、WAF、IDS等)操作維運經驗
    • 具備資安監控經驗
  • 加分條件
    • 具備大型組織 AD 管理經驗、google workspace管理經驗
    • 具備 Fortigate / Cisco / Juniper 相關經驗
    • 具管理高速網路(10Gbps以上)經驗
    • 具有ISO 27001經驗
  • 個人特質
    • 能團隊分工合作,並具備良好的溝通與表達技巧
    • 對用戶有同理心,能協助解決他們的問題
    • 個性主動積極樂於服務、具有責任感、喜歡接觸新資訊
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45,000 ~ 65,000 TWD / month
Partial Remote Work
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About us

Founded in 2007, CATCHPLAY quickly became a major player in the movie entertainment business in Taiwan by providing a wide selection of films excelling in both quantity and quality. Over the years, CATCHPLAY has continued to distribute more than 30 films theatrically every year, an average of one movie every other week, and more than 100 titles for release on home videos, TV and digital platforms. Today, we are the largest independent distributor in Taiwan with a library of more than 2,000 titles, most of which CATCHPLAY owns all rights to exclusively.

Capitalizing on the digitalization of Taiwan’s pay-TV systems, CATCHPLAY launched CATCHPLAY HD Movie Channel in early 2013. Today it has about 1 million subscribers through partnerships with major pay-TV operators. Our diverse and wide range of content has made CATCHPLAY HD one of the most popular linear movie channels in Taiwan.

In 2014, in addition to distributing the movies CATCHPLAY loves, we embarked in earnest co-production and investment projects, venturing into content creation.

In addition to content aggregation, in 2015, CATCHPLAY established AsiaPlay Incorporated with the ambition of becoming the leading premium content service provider for movie lovers in Asia.

In March 2016, the CATCHPLAY+ service platform made its pilot launch in Taiwan in partnerships with major telecommunication operators and device manufacturers. In June 2016, the service platform launched in Indonesia, collaborating with market leaders IndiHome, Telkom Indonesia. This was followed by expanded partnerships with Telkomsel, Indosat and First Media, and in Singapore, collaboration with the market’s leading telecommunication operator, StarHub.

Today, CATCHPLAY Media Holdings Group owns two distinct companies – CATCHPLAY Incorporated, and AsiaPlay Incorporated – with involvement from production, distribution, linear movie channel operation and both content aggregation and platform operation for digital entertainment services.


CATCHPLAY於2007 年成立,是全球性的娛樂媒體公司,致力於提供最新穎、最時尚的整合性娛樂影音服務給消費者和各企業。主要服務內容包含院線發行、CATCHPLAY+線上影音服務、數位內容製作及授權等。


CATCHPLAY發行規模全台第一,在院線票房與DVD發行上都具有絕對優勢。而在數位影音內容上,更率先與台灣主要電信業者、數位寬頻業者、手機電視品牌大廠進行深度合作。同時,亦積極經營CATCHPLAY+數位影音服務,提供B2C的影音串流服務,深受消費者肯定。伴隨公司全球性業務成長,CATCHPLAY 除將固守台灣,也將逐步朝大中華、亞太地區與邁向世界發展,成為真正具有全球影響力的全球性娛樂媒體公司。


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DevOps Team Lead
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Team Lead
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HR recruiter
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Sr. Manager


Mid-Senior level

Mid-Senior level
80K ~ 120K TWD / month

Mid-Senior level