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CHELPIS - 池安科技 work environment photoCHELPIS - 池安科技 work environment photoCHELPIS - 池安科技 work environment photo

Job Description


1. 市場策略與相關提案文件產出。
2. 協助專案計劃評估、協助商業提案相關文件、商業分析。
3. 未來擇優轉職公司 Product manager、Business developer等。



1. 對區塊鏈與加密技術等高技術產品有興趣,能夠快速吸收新科技的知識

2. 具備決策能力、高度領悟力、提案能力

3. 能夠有效建立豐富人脈與開發商業合作

Interview process



50K ~ 80K TWD/month
Optional Remote Work

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CHELPIS - 池安科技


About us

CHELPIS 創立於 2017,成員來自台大最具代表性的密碼學實驗室,此實驗室成員設計的密碼系統曾奪下多個全球後量子密碼標準,團隊累積多年在密碼理論研究、Mifare感應晶片卡破解、及SCA旁通道攻擊的實力。


我們鎖定區塊鏈、資料安全、傳輸安全、PQC密碼標準世代更新、資料隱私的問題上,利用密碼學、先進密碼技術、PQC後量子密碼技術、IAM身份認證、ZTNA網路安全、Trust Computing信任運算、零知識證明、Layer2 區塊鏈、FIDO等技術整合,打通研究、開源軟體、直到產業化標準到市場的整合連結,終結攻擊與勒索病毒。


Information security is an essential challenge for the XXI century digitalized life. The digital world comes with ransomware attacks, cloud jacking, insider threats causing enterprises severe losts. In addition, the arrival of powerful quantum computers will accelerate and facilitate cybercriminals’ activity.

‘’Building the essential infrastructure around digital age’’ to secure all the valuable deliver in the digital world is what Chelpis envisaged and imposed as mission. Chelpis focuses on constructing the system of identity to complete identity authentication and authorization making ‘‘Connection as an Authorization’’ future.

Founded in 2017, Chelpis is one of the rare information security companies that is capable of conducting independent development on blockchain, cryptocurrency wallet, secure cryptoprocessor application, trust computing, encrypted transmission, and zero-trust information security system.

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