【1.3M - 1.7M/年】【IM 商業化】Senior Android Developer 資深 Android 工程師

ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技工作環境照片ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技工作環境照片ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技工作環境照片ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技工作環境照片ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技工作環境照片ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技工作環境照片


  1. 負責億量級下載、千萬日活 IM/ SNS app的商業化功能及架構開發
  2. 負責開發並維護千萬下載量級的應用程式
  3. 參與業務需求討論,評估產品設計,驅動研發團隊一起按時,逐步完成產品交付
  4. 更好的是,你能從千萬日活用戶的數據中,提出優化商業化收入的方案
  5. If you are a strong technologists who is passionate about solving complex and challenging problems. You should be excited about your work and making an impact on millions of users. If you love working on latest technologies, delivering valuable and quality products with the sense of ownership then this is the place for you :)


Minimum qualifications:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.
  2. 3 year of professional software development experience.
  3. Experience with Java or Kotlin programming language and Android Apps.

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Experience using Android UI Toolkit and/or framework APIs or equivalent on other platforms.
  2. Experience with system design on Android and/or other operating systems.
  3. Strong Android programming/debugging skills.
  4. Interest in application architecture and productivity libraries.
  5. Experience building products with MVP/MVVM is a plus.



ChitChat Technology 趣聊科技

信義區松仁路97號 wework


趣聊科技是全行業成長最快的海外社交應用新創公司,新成立於 2020 年 9 月,其目標是取代 Whatsapp 和 Facebook,成為全球的下一代社交巨頭。

其核心團隊來源於 ByteDance(抖音母公司)、豌豆莢、Kikatech、雪豹(台北)、獵豹移動、Grindr(台北)等相關行業頂尖企業。

公司目前已經完成 pre A 輪融資,主要投資方為國際頂尖的投資機構 SIG(ByteDance投資方)和 XVC,公司目前超過 50 人,主要是產品及研發團隊,台北、北京和武漢均設有辦公室,預計短期內會擴大到100人左右。


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