Senior backend engineer

Job Description

This position as PHP Developer will require you to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Your primary aim will be to take ideas and concepts that will help make daily tasks smoother and bring them to life. This is an exciting time to join our team, as you will take part in creating new efficiencies by developing modules within the software to expedite and automate processes.

1. Review project requirements. Provide feedback on coding standards, accessibility and other technical standards
2. Maintain existing code, including bug fixes, enhancements, and miscellaneous maintenance
3. Ensure that code runs efficiently and helping to make the best systems possible


1. Experience in Web development and production 2. PHP MVC frameworks – Laravel (Required) 3. PHP (MVC, OOP), MySQL 4. JSON/REST/XML/SOAP Web Services 5. Experience with PHPUnit or other unit test frameworks Nice to Have 1. Experience with Agile product development environment 2. Experience with AWS and other cloud technologies 3. Experience with version control systems (BitBucket, GitHub, SVN) and debugging tools (Firebug, Charles, POSTMAN) 4. Familiarity with SEO standards and techniques 5. Familiarity with HTTP standards and techniques 6. Experience with Cassandra or other NoSQL technologies 7. Experience with ElasticSearch or other Search Engineer technologies



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1. 數位廣告行銷策略執行2. 客戶溝通與服務3. 新客戶開發4. 異業策略合作聯盟經營與開發5. 服務合約簽定與帳款追蹤


1. 負責網路行銷、媒體專案之發想及合作提案撰寫 2. 專案規劃、執行、監控、管理與協調3. 陪同業務拜訪了解目標客戶之實際需求4. 協助舉辦說明會


1. 財經/產業相關新聞採訪寫作(包含上市櫃公司財報、個別公司動態等)2. 股市相關新聞議題操作3. 每日需有一定發稿量,包含即時、專題寫作等4. 能配合工作需要,彈性調整工時,需出差5. 具上市櫃公司採訪經驗6. 基本總經觀念與解讀上市櫃公司財報技能


1. 財經相關資訊收集與分析2. 財經相關新聞撰寫3. 網站新聞外電翻譯、撰文與編輯4. 中英文能力皆佳,具豐富常識且文筆流暢5. 發掘財經相關趨勢與議題,並撰擬文稿


1. 接聽、過濾、轉接來電,並提供資訊及留言服務2. 負責訪客接待及通知3. 完成行政支援及辦公室物品及文具採購工作(如:接待面試人員、處理付款記錄及進銷貨發票等文件)4. 協助遞送公文及收發信件5. 負責庶務雜項採購及事務機器叫修6. 處理例行性的工作(如:會議室清潔檢查、照顧盆栽、整理雜誌、維持大廳整潔、代訂便當)7. 其他主管交辦事項

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