Blockchain Researcher

Job Description

- The work of the blockchain researcher will involve the dissemination, internally and externally, of the results of such activities through publications, patents, seminars, and representing us at professional meetings, in professional organizations and universities.  
- Provide technical planning and support for initial blockchain product development. 


[Essential Requirements] - Passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain - Computer Science-related background (prefer PhD)with research record and commitment in one or more of the following areas: a) distributed systems and large-scale web applications b) performance modeling and analysis with focus on scalability c) cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/private key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures - Familiar with Blockchain technology or other distributed system - Understanding of P2P networking - Understanding of cryptographic principles - Understanding of various distributed consensus methodologies (Raft, Mining, PoS, Paxos, etc) [Desirable Qualifications] - Familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS, Cosmos, Polkadot, or other blockchain related technologies - Active demonstrable interest in blockchain, P2P distributed systems, DHTs, or cryptography - Practical experience in developing on Blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin or Ethereum a)Proven experience using Ethereum, bonus points for commercial experience b)Ability to develop well-written Ethereum smart contracts with good test coverage c)Ability to interpret and reason through an EVM stack trace output d)A good understanding of the workings of the Ethereum Virtual Machine e)Can write Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity, Serpent, HLL, or LLL f)Ability to write reusable/modular smart contracts and smart contract APIs - Preferably have knowledge in MPC, homomorphic encryption, zero knowledge proof, and differential privacy


Per year TWD 900,000 ~ 2,500,000



開放報名 2018 夏季資深工程師快速面試。請應徵職缺以報名活動。

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