Office & HR Operations Specialist



We’re looking for a motivated Office & HR Operations Specialist to join our growing team!

This role will be joining an amazing team of individuals who love their job and will have the opportunity to learn, be challenged, and grow.

This person must be highly organized, resourceful, enthusiastic, able to wear multiple hats. This is a really exciting opportunity for someone who wants to manage multiple aspects of running the office of a startup, help shape the team culture and work closely with executives.

If you’re quick on your feet, love solving problems, and enjoy a fast-paced work environment, we want you on the team.

We Hope You Have

  • An interest in tech startups and software development
  • Excellent communication, organizational & time management skills
  • Ability to prioritize, take ownership of tasks, and exhibit a high level of initiative and follow-through
  • The ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Bonus points for excellent English

What You Will Be Doing

  • Collaborate with Team Heads and CEO to acquire, build and develop talents
  • Ensure new hires are set up for their first day - work with the HR team to organize new hire’s desk space needs & additional applications
  • Ensure the office space is kept organized and presentable; follow up & deliver on workplace support questions and requests
  • Assist with administrative tasks for the leadership team (including booking travel and restaurants, scheduling meetings and coordinating interview schedules)
  • Plan and implement internal events, social activities & offsite as needed
  • Receive and distribute mail and packages
  • Take on special projects as necessary
  • Meet and welcome office visitors
  • Nurture the Codementor office culture and environment to keep employees happy and productive

    How to Apply


[你在Codementor主要的任務] - 協助和CEO以及各團隊的Head安排面試,招募合適的人才 - 規劃 & 執行新成員的 Onboarding Schedule,和 HR team 打造更好的 candidate experience - 規劃 & 執行 Codementor 內部大大小小的 Team bonding 活動,例如 Hack Day, team dinner etc. - 規劃 & 執行 Codementor 對外曝光活動或分享會,例如 校園徵才, 工程師小聚, 創業小聚等 - 維持辦公室內部的一切營運和收發包裹 - 接待面試者與訪客來賓 - 協助完成政府各項補助獎勵計畫 - 用心打造一個令人喜愛的工作環境 [你會喜歡這份工作的地方] 你的工作會時常需要直接與 CEO 和各團隊的 Head 溝通,你可以從執行的角度提供洞見和解決方法,在公司產品和人數成長的過程當中,和核心團隊共同籌劃及調整公司的管理策略和政策。 你的工作自主性很高,彈性也很大,可以自由發揮創意與想像力,只要做的事情與活動有瞄準目標,整個團隊都會聯合起來幫助你。 因為我們目前組織還算十分扁平,如果你是一位熱愛學習的人,你在這裡的工作經驗可以讓你在各方面的能力都快速提升,不但能夠隨時和公司裡的各個團隊和角色學習,也能了解新創公司是如何運作的。 我們希望這個角色可以用執行的力量讓團隊往對的方向前進,並且透過工作上的新發現,提出不同的想法和洞見,使團隊因為你的加入,成為一個更棒的團隊! [這份工作比較不好玩的地方] Codementor 是 2014 年成立的,但在產品以及資源上,我們還是一間新創公司。所以有時候可能沒辦法提供非常足夠的資源,但是我們非常願意把資源用在最重要,也就是對團隊及產品最好的地方。 這個角色的工作內容可能有時候會很廣,有時候會很深,會接觸到各種不同的情況和問題,甚至是公司內任何人都沒有遇過的事情。但是只要保持彈性和願意溝通並解決問題,這裡的每個人和團隊絕對會樂意地幫助你。


35K ~ 70K TWD /








Codementor is the leading on-demand marketplace for software developers. We are based in both Taiwan and Silicon Valley, with customers mostly from the US and Europe. Codementor is backed by TechStars, 500 Startups, and other leading investors; we have also been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, WSJ, Mashable, and more. Our team is working hard to prove that Taiwan has world-class talent that can excel in the global startup scene!




Freda Chiu
Yang-Hsing Lin
Gage Tseng
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