Production Coordinator / Director’s Assistant

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Job Description

ContenThrive is seeking a Production Coordinator/Director’s Assistant working closely with the founder/director, which will mainly focus on producing original content, including managing the agenda and materials of video podcasts, developing film/TV series, and film-related crowdfunding campaigns.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience in either film production or advertising agency.
  • 1+ years of experience in the project management approach end to end.
  • Experience in managing concurrent projects, timelines, and content deliverables.
  • Expertise in non-linear video and audio editing with the Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop and Illustrator).
  • Bilingual multitasking problem solver. (English & Mandarin) Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Passionate about making films, video content, and audio content
  • A can-do attitude is a must.
  • A Podcast and YouTube hardcore listener/viewer

Preferred Qualifications:

  • BFA/BA in Film Production, Advertising, Graphic Design, New Media Art
  • Experience in social media or film/video related project coordinations.
  • A self-starter, eager to learn new things, and have a sense of humor
  • Have the basic knowledge of crowdfunding campaign
  • Physical production experience on locations or in studios is a plus.
  • Think outside of the box.


1) Coordinate the agenda of the weekly video podcast shoots with Invited VIP guests and prep the rundown of the show. 

2)Edit video podcast footage and slightly tune the audio in a proper way. 

3)Research and brainstorm the topic of the week for the podcast show.

4)Produce or quality control the graphics and videos on social media platforms.

5)Review and optimize the numbers of organic reaches, followers, likes on social media channels, and bring up the strategic improvements. 

6)Manage the marketing strategies for crowdfunding campaigns.

7)Assist physical events for podcast-related campaigns.

8)Comfortable to be the Co-Host of podcast show with the founder occasionally.

9)Communicate regularly with the founder/director to receive notes for materials and make adjustments as required.

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內容好好有限公司 (ContenThrive Co.)


About us

ContenThrive is not a film production company, but a tech company producing films & storytelling content. We focus on turning ideas into pilots and fostering original and fresh concepts to become valuable IP (Intellectual Property) with a data-driven mindset. Striving for innovation in storytelling and exploration of new business models for filmmakers and content creators is our mission. By adopting the approach of Producing 2.0, we boost the story/IP to find the right format and the proper ways of distribution at the very early stage of project development through step-by-step validation to go beyond entertainment.

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