Business development 商業開發 (B2B)

漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd. work environment photo漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd. work environment photo漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd. work environment photo漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd. work environment photo

Job Description

漸強實驗室的產品是建立在通訊平台上產生的廣告科技公司,漸強實驗室投資於科技與數據,相信科技與數據能提升廣告和訊息推播的效率,也相信以 Data 為中心的 Martech (Marketing Technology) 是最近十年來最蓬勃的數位廣告科技趨勢。漸強實驗室成立短短兩年多快速成長,從一個小團隊,快速擴張倍數的成長,不僅被知名 AI 集團 iKala 愛卡拉投資,在 2019 七月份拿到 LINE Technical Partner 以及 91APP 策略合作夥伴的資格。同時,服務的客戶涵蓋多個產業,包含:富邦集團、東森集團、遠東集團、H&M、GAP、黛安芬、東森購物、Ikea、EZ 訂等多個知名跨國企業。。

目前漸強實驗室的主要產品是今年發表的 Messaging Analytics&Automation Cloud (MAAC),與漸強實驗室合作的客戶,優勢在於不需要自建技術團隊。運用蒐集到的大筆數據產生用戶畫像,了解消費情況外還能分析出客單價等更多資訊,進而制定專屬的訊息行銷解決方案。

我們目前現在在找多位 Business development ,你將會貢獻你的業務開發能力,與 marketing and customer sucess manager 合作,開發客戶,set up meeting 與客戶做 pitch,傳達漸強實驗室產品的價值,你會面對許多台灣 tier 1 的品牌客戶,你必須要對業績負責。我們期待你是一個積極主動學習,善於溝通以及做事有細節的合作夥伴,同時,我們是也是一群對產品很有熱誠的團隊,期待你的加入。

The impact you will make:
• New Business Development - Through C-Level engagement and consultative, customer centric selling approach, you will qualify opportunities by exploring to understand complex customer challenges and business pains while educating prospects on the value of Crescendo Lab's solutions.

• Strategic Alignment - Connect with cross-functional teams to create and prioritise strategic target account lists within defined territory. Identify and generate new business opportunities to fuel up-market growth. Lead demand generation and campaigns from conception, planning, execution, and launch. Engage in all steps of the Sales Cycle to ensure smooth Pipeline Progression to maximise results

• Crush your targets - Deliver and exceed strategic goals and committed targets by responding with a quality pipeline.

• Become a "Master of Martech" - Develop your professional brand and engage with your prospects to build trusted relationships by providing insights tailored to their specific needs and interests.


Your responsibilities
• Proven track record of success in sales/business development in a target driven environment, ideally in CRM/Saas/High-Tech
• Strong prospection skills and ability to develop business in new and existing accounts
• Effective communication skills with ability to build influential relationships and deliver results in a cross-functional environment
• Collaborating with Marketing and sales on lead quality and conversion

• Technology basic knowledge is a big plus. 對技術有基本了解是大加分

60K ~ 100K TWD/month
Optional Remote Work

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漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd.

台北市大安區敦化南路二段 2 號 6 樓

About us

【漸強實驗室】結合數位廣告(Programmatic Ads)與訊息串接技術(Messaging API),發揮社交通訊軟體最大的商業效益。不論你是注重轉換率的電子商務商家,或者專注內容經營的網站平台,都可以藉由串接訊息平台極大化營運成效,增加目標轉換率

漸強實驗室成立短短兩年多快速成長,從一個小團隊,快速擴張,不僅被知名 AI for Marketing 集團 iKala Group 集團投資,更在 2019 一月成為 Google Technology Partner,也是台灣官方的 Shopify meetup partner,在 2019 七月份拿到 Line Technical Partner 的資格。同時間服務的客戶也包含不同產業,包含:Skyscanner、中國信託、東森集團、富邦集團、遠東集團、NET、Ikea 等多個知名跨國企業。

目前漸強實驗室的主要產品是今年發表的 Messaging Analytics&Automation Cloud (MAAC), 與漸強實驗室合作的客戶,優勢在於不需要自建技術團隊,當確認需求後能快速導入服務。運用蒐集到的大筆數據產生用戶畫像,了解消費情況外還能分析出客單價等更多資訊,進而制定專屬的 LINE 行銷解決方案。

同時間,漸強實驗室也有泰國和日本的業務正在展開,搭上 Martech 火熱的火箭,往海外擴張。

Crescendo Lab was founded in 2017 with a goal to prove that communication app LINE can be an ideal SaaS data analytics platform with API infrastructure.

Today, Crescendo Lab builds not only a data platform but also a data ecosystem for all enterprise clients. Our mission is to accelerate the digital transition for clients in Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.


Jin Hsueh
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