Description de l'Entreprise

Dable offers services with Dable recommendation engine in the following areas:
- Content Recommendation
- e-Commerce Product Recommendation
- Personalized Native Ad Solution

As a No. 1 content discovery platform in Korea, Dable helps not only the advertisers, but also the publishers to carry out advertisement more effectively and efficiently.

For advertisers, you can expose the most appropriate advertisements for users thereby maximizing advertising effect. Also, you can acquire new customers or reach more audiences through Dable's media network.

For publishers, you can embed Dable's recommendation solution on your website or application. Dable’s recommendation solution will increase not only your traffic by suggesting other articles of your website/app but also revenue through native ads on its slots.

We are growing rapidly (every month!) and expecting to grow faster in 2020 with global expansion.

Dable 為韓國第一名的個人化內容推薦服務平台,以大數據實時推薦符合受眾興趣的網站內容、及原生廣告技術,作為協助媒體/網站主有效提升網站流量與廣告收益利器,我們在韓國的媒體夥伴高達1,100+家網站,包含 : 朝鮮日報、中央日報、韓民族日報主流媒體等,Dable 的推薦技術獲得韓國網路廣告最優秀獎、DB-Stars、K-Global 300等多項大獎的認證。

Produits ou Services

Dable的技術團隊成員出身於Naver、NCSOFT、SK Planet,具有 10年以上從業經驗,是韓國國內外具有最高水準的專業能力與經驗的團隊。從2015年推出服務至今,Dable一直致力於與全世界的線上媒體夥伴共同尋找數位媒體最佳解決方案。


Dable 以迅速的反應與數據為上的核心價值為基礎,提供最優質的服務。

Avantages Sociaux

- 勞保、健保、週休二日
- 教育基金 (Be-the-Expert)
- 同儕獎金 (Peer bonus)
- 彈性工時 (10:00 ~ 19:00)
- 每周四在家上班
- 員工定期聚餐、年度年終聚會


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