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We are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together.

Dcard is a social media platform service devoted to creating a safe and free environment for ever-flowing ideas and extraordinary stories. Garnering the trust of the youth generation, our service attracts millions of active users and up to 18 million unique visitors per month, making a substantial influence and achieving high penetration amongst the youth in Taiwan, but our ambitions do not stop here.

As a strong and emerging international company, we are on a mission to spark connections and bring people together. We continue to make impactful influence in social media, advertising and e-commerce field. Continuing our success in the Taiwan market, we are now expanding our scale to Hong Kong, Japan, and the APAC & LATAM market.

As a Frontend Developer at Dcard, you will collaborate closely with brilliant designers, product managers and developers to build products that matter and create tools that accelerate growth. Join our team of talented developers to build the social network of the next generation. We code in a fresh monolithic repository and ship code every few hours, and most importantly, we're never afraid of trying new and bold approaches to conquer challenges.

If you are ready to spark in your career, join us in creating the experience that connects people all around the world!

About our Frontend Team

  • You’ll be in a team with 10+ frontend developers and 2+ architects, where you’ll be focusing on frontend development.
  • You’ll also join a cross-functional team (which is called delivery team in Dcard), working closely with product managers, engineers, and designers to develop either social media, e-commerce, advertising and global products.
  • We have frontend meetings once a week, and study sessions every two weeks. Also, we have seminars for different engineering topics once a month, topics can differ from frontend, backend, mobile, machine learning..etc.

Daily challenges

  • You’ll join different delivery teams, working closely with product managers, engineers, and designers to develop social media, e-commerce, advertising and global products.
  • You’ll seek the best implementation of each component with a balance between design, experience and efficiency.
  • You’ll optimize Web Vitals of the overall website having multi-language and multi-region in mind.
  • You’ll focus on optimizing developer experience and framework by evaluating and introducing new tech stacks if needed.

Our Tech Stack

  • We mainly use Typescript, React, Next.js, and Redux, which are up to date, and GraphQL in the future.
  • We integrate and develop all the internal and external websites with the use of yarn-based monorepo 👉 (written in Chinese)
  • We use the WYSIWYG Editor made by ourselves since few editors support Chinese input well. 👉 (written in Chinese)

Our Workflow

  • GitHub flow
  • One mentor & one co-mentor for every new member
  • Your PR needs to be reviewed before you merge. After each PR is created, CI will automatically create the testing environment for PR (including staging, production, storybook…)
  • Release 3-4 times per day on average, but not on Fridays

Fun Facts

  • We set a “Release” button on Slack.
  • We designed our internal meal order system and massage order system by ourselves and launched to the team.

In this role, you will

  • Design and develop compelling and performant web applications that deliver diverse content worldwide.
  • Architect stable, maintainable and reusable front-end systems with clean, modular patterns.
  • Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues.
  • Continuously track, learn and apply the latest industry best practices, design patterns, tools and technologies.


You should have

  • Experience in web development.
  • Experience in React.
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals.
  • Familiar with HTML & CSS.
  • Open-minded, passionate, team player and proactively learning.

It will be a plus if you have

  • Portfolio of your latest projects.

Interview process

Our Recruiting Process

All processes are expected to be completed within 2-4 weeks, we’ll adjust our hiring process due to different circumstances:

  1. Take Home Test - You’ll receive a take-home test, as we expect you to finish the test within 1-2 weeks.
  2. Online Interview - You’ll have a one-hour online interview with our Frontend team members, mostly about past projects and coding questions.
  3. 1st Interview - You’ll have a 30-minute session with one of the Talent Operations Partners (HR), where we would want to get to know more about your experience and background, what you’re passionate about..etc. Also, you’ll have a coding interview with the Frontend team members and leader.
  4. 2nd Interview - You’ll have a 30-minute interview with our CEO and another 30-minute interview with our Talent Operations Manager (HR Manager).
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700,000 ~ 1,000,000 TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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About us


Dcard 結合科技與人文搭起一座橋樑,豐富每個人的生活、讓每個人找到共鳴。面對快速變化的網路生態,Dcard 聚焦長期使命願景、年度戰略,夥伴們專注在公司戰略與目標,用成長型思維打造一個快速成長也充滿溫度的企業文化。

Dcard 致力於打造讓人放心分享自己故事的場域,讓平凡人分享不平凡故事的新世代服務。Dcard 是全台最大的匿名社群,在年輕族群有極高滲透率與影響力。不止步於台灣社群取得極大影響力,我們正全力擴張版圖,強力發展廣告、電商、IP 新型業務及跨國市場,持續往世界級網路公司的目標努力。

我們的服務範圍擴及台灣 (Dcard)、香港 (Dcard.HK)及日本 (Dtto),持續擴大海外市場影響力。我們希望能邀請優秀的你加入團隊,把你的名字列在我們下一個里程碑的故事裡!


六個你會愛上 Dcard 的理由:

我們相信夥伴多方交流及討論可以創造出更多不一樣的火花跟可能性。在 Dcard 我們傾聽也重視每個夥伴的想法,每天專案小組進度會議、每週產品會議、每月 All Hands Meeting 中,夥伴們彼此對齊進度,主動提出想法,做更完善的決策與行動。透過夥伴的溝通合作,互相激盪火花,幫助團隊打造更棒的產品!

我們相信跟一群優秀的夥伴共事,絕對是最棒的福利! 為了在快速變動、充滿挑戰的環境中取得影響力,我們需要勇於面對未知的挑戰。Dcard 重視夥伴的成長,我們提供各類書籍、講座、國內外研討會及專屬語言進修課程等資源,成為夥伴學習路上最大的後盾!

不止步於在台灣社群取得極大影響力,Dcard 正全力擴張版圖,發展廣告、電商、IP 新型業務及跨國市場產品,持續往世界級網路公司的目標努力。在這裡,你將能親身參與各類新想法、新產品甚至是新市場的誕生!


在這個變化快速的場域,夥伴有多方嘗試的機會,可以參與各類新想法、新產品甚至是新市場的誕生! 只要你有能力和意願,站出來,你就可以親自做出改變。

混合工作的模式(Hybrid Work),Dcard 夥伴能彈性安排工作時間與空間。具有彈性的遠距工作日(Remote Day),在辦公室也可以選擇在任何小角落工作。讓你自在挑選想要工作的時間和地方!


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People Team
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Talent Acquisition Manager
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People Operations Intern
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People Business Partner
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People Business Partner
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People Business Partner


Mid-Senior level
1M ~ 1.6M TWD / year

Mid-Senior level
750K ~ 1.16M TWD / year

180 ~ 180 TWD / month

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