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1. 會C/C++程式開發及測試。

2. 會MCU微控制器功能。
3. 會MCU微控制器除錯工具。
4. 技術問題排除。
5. IC 驗證、應用韌體、程式庫或應用平台開發。
6. 熟基本電子電路。
7. 英文程度佳,可自行研讀產品規範與產品規格書。


35K ~ 60K TWD/month

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About us

岱鐠科技成立於2005,上海分部成立於2010,美國分部成立於2017年。我們有強力的客戶群使用我們的產品,如英特爾,IBM,宏基,超微,蘋果,鴻海,Nvidia 等。 DediProg was founded in 2005 with Head quarter in Taipei. Shanghai base was established in 2010, and American base will be established in 2017. We have a strong customer base: Intel, IBM, Acer, AMD, Apple, Foxconn, Nvidia, just to name a few. 主要商品/服務項目 工業: 岱鐠科技公司主要是開發生產電子工程研發所需輔助工具及工業精密儀器研發。 電子工程所需輔助工具包括IC燒錄機,模擬器,邏輯分析儀,Debugger, 等。並且提供制式或客制IC燒錄,測試,打點大量生產等服務。 DediProg Industrial division: focuses on developing specialized electronic engineering tools and industrial machineries. Our engineering tools include but not limited to programmers, emulators, logic analyzers, debuggers that are specifically designed for the use of R&D and Production Engineering. We also provide IC solution, programming, testing, marking and baking services, and design and manufacture specialized/universal production grade programmers, ranging from a single slot programmer to a mass production handler. 福利制度 1.週休二日,並依照人事行政局的行事曆,見紅就休。 2.年薪保障13個月。 3.依照106年新制勞基法之休假制度。 4.端午、中秋兩次禮金發放。 5.每年兩次績效獎金發放。 6.每週社團活動:羽球社。 7.部門每季聚餐 / 尾牙活動。 8.婚喪喜慶津貼補助。 9.員工健康檢查 10.個人學習津貼補助,以鼓勵自學意願高的員工。 經營理念 岱鐠科技的願景- 工業: 成為最有實力及創新力的精密電子儀器研發及供應商 岱鐠科技目標: 擴張研發部,積極投入產品開發。 制度上是使用員工導向的管理方式,重視員工專業知識的培訓,積極提供員工個人在職場領域上的發展空間。我們認為公司的成長跟員工個人的成長相輔相成,因此我們極為注重員工對工作和對公司所提供的薪資與福利的滿意度。 DediProg Mission: DediProg is aiming to become the largest and most innovated industrial and consumer electronic provider DediProg Goals: DediProg Industrial goals: To be the most innovated industrial electronic equipment provider, we must continuously inventing, seeking new products to support our growth. Our goal is to strengthen our R&D and to expanding our product lines by adding consumer products. As an Employee-Oriented company, we believe in maintaining our compensation package above the market benchmark, and provide training opportunity and job security. We believe company growth is directly correlated with employee’s personal growth, thus we constantly strike to improve our job satisfaction rate and compensation packages. Due to the exploding demands for our services and products, we are eagerly seeking both experienced and less experienced FW/SW/ME/ and other work partners, who share our vision and goals to join our venture. 最新消息 1.公司穩健成長,誠徵肯學習的優秀人才,一起為公司打拼。2.以「TVman無線數位電視接收器」獲頒第18屆經濟部中小企業創新研究獎。3.子公司「人易科技股份有限公司」開發人資雲端管理系統NuEIP, 註冊使用戶超過千家。

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