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Senior Web/Frontend Engineer

Job Description

About this Job

We are seeking awesome experienced (preferably 5+ years) Web/Frontend Engineers to join our small team in building a truly next-generation home security system utilizing all the killer bells and whistles: deep learning, hybrid-cloud, big data, etc. We are a tight-knit, fast-paced, high energy start-up team. Our ideal candidate has a passion for code, a love for a fail-fast (and work freaking hard) engineering environment, and a hunger to learn and grow. We prefer raw-intelligence over syntax-excellence, ownership over silos. And coffee over water.

Because we are a small team, this role will span all areas of our frontend tech stack: html, css, javascript, react ,Vue.js, react-native, python flask framework jinja templating. Key elements of our backend stack are Python 3.x on Ubuntu 14.x. Our favorite development tools are github (of course), and docker. We use Jenkins for CI, MySQL and SQLite for our (pretty minimal) RDBMS needs. We aren’t afraid to peel back the covers and work on our open-source components to patch them and we contribute back to the community whenever we can.


  • Core development:
    Developing web codes, templates, and business logic to support a kick-ass UX and the testing necessary to ensure that it JustWorks (™) for the consumer
  • Product ownership:
    Build new data features from end-to-end: ideation, UX design, development, testing, iteration.
  • Work as a team:
    Collaborating with backend, mobile developers, hardware engineers, data scientists, and CUSTOMERS (yes, you got it right) to polish the existing awesomeness and build new features to build new features
  • Code quality:
    Helping us measure, maintaining and improve our code quality
  • Metrics Tracking:
    Learn how to make user happier and happier by tracking the important metrics of how users use the web product and conducting usability studies programmatically.
  • React Native Reviewing and Maintaining:
  • Our mobile app is crafted in react-native. The frontend engineer is expected to learn, review and maintain the mobile app code with our mobile engineers.

Our stack

python + data + deep learning + react native

We’re developing in Python and our stack includes deep-learning back-end (SQL/Hadoop + caffe/Theano/TensorFlow), data pipeline, react-native for our apps, and just starting to work on web development.

The company

We put AI behind any home camera and prevent crime while it’s in progress. This article describes the company very well:



Also, you are able to find an in-depth article of what we do here (有我被無人機攻擊的畫面 XD ): http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2016/12/20/mail-thieves-target-dozens-of-mailboxes-in-dublin-right-before-christmas/

Are you able to build kick-ass web/frontend products but having a hard time finding a company that truly focuses on customers and user metrics/interface/experience to contribute to?

Don’t you wish there was a badass AI Silicon Valley start-up hiring in Taiwan?


There is.

Started by an experienced tech-entrepreneur (with an IPO multi-$billion in sales unicorn under his belt), we’re a stealth-stage company with top-tier backing, awesome advisors and a huge market opportunity. Oh, and back to the first question: we do Deep Learning every day. Every hour. Every minute. And we are now hiring teammates in Taiwan.

Job Type


Job Location


Salary and Compensation

120K to 200K NTD/month, 12 month salary in total

Before you apply

We will have several take home/onsite coding exercises and algorithm whiteboarding in the interview process. It’s up to silicon valley interview standard.


Minimum Qualifications Deep understanding of Computer Science fundamentals (OOP, data structures, algorithms) 1-2 years minimum experience developing react web applications. Experience with python or php to integrate front-end to the back-end. Familiar with javascript, jquery The Start-Up mentality: The right candidate considers herself/himself to be a “get-er-done” type of person and is looking to have a huge impact at a small company. Hard work is a must, so the right person exudes positive life-giving energy from solving hard technical problems, working hands-on in the code and doing things other people consider impossible. We’re going to keep the team super small for the time being (lean startup mode FTW) so you’ve gotta be willing to roll up your sleeves and do everything from dev to devops to architecture to QA to IT/OPS. (PS Good news–the whole team will be like this too, and that’s the best type of team to be on.)


Monthly USD 120,000 ~ 200,000



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