Company summary

Digital Forest Technologies is an IT Services Provider in the fast-paced online e-commerce space. We are creating a team of highly skilled individuals in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers in the APAC region, while harnessing the latest technologies and innovative ideas.

Our mission is to provide the most innovative, reliable, and efficient technical services to our customers while supporting an immersive online entertainment experience.

Core Value(核心價值):
1. Proactive(主動積極 ):We take the initiative to make things happen
2. Integrity(誠信):We always do the right thing, not the easy thing.
3. Innovation(創新):Good is never enough. We always seek newer and better ways
4. Enthusiasm(熱忱 ):We tackle all challenges without hesitation, and always maintain a positive outlook.
5. Multi Culture Collaboration(文化融合):We ensure a harmonious working relationship, working together as one global team to achieve a common goal regardless of race, gender, or nationality.

Products or services

IT Services Provider

Employee benefits

1. 具市場競爭力的薪酬水準
2. 保障年薪13個月
3. 績效獎金

1. 勞工保險
2. 全民健保保險
3. 勞工退休金提撥
4. 員工團體保險: 壽險, 重大疾病險, 醫療險, 癌症險,意外險,意外醫療險
5. 員工配偶及子女免費健康醫療團體保險
6. 海外商務旅平險

1. 週休二日、人性化管理
2. 彈性上、下班時間制度
3. 優於勞基法之特休假: 20天年假(依照入職比例發放)
4. 每年不扣薪病假(含生理假): 7天
5. 提供男性同仁陪產假5天

1. 年度健康檢查
2. 汽車停車費補助
3. 免費機車停車位
4. 全體員工電話費補助
5. 三節禮品
6. 結婚生育喪葬補助金
7. 介紹獎金
8. 每月水果日
9. 年資獎
10. 健身課程
11. 紓壓按摩

1. Year End Party
2. 各式主題活動不定期舉辦
3. 職工福利委員會

1. 國外專業教育訓練
2. 英文訓練
3. 管理才能發展訓練
4. 技術發展訓練


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