Job Description

    • Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends.
    • Assist with daily administrative duties.
    • Conduct and organize the end to end product testing.
    • Design and present new social media campaign ideas.
    • Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback.
    • Prepare detailed promotional presentations.
    • Help with the planning and hosting of marketing events.
    • Research and evaluate competitor marketing and digital content.
    • Contribute to the creation of mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content.


- Current enrollment in an undergraduate course for Marketing, Communications or similar field. - Familiarity with marketing computer software and social media platforms. - Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques. - Excellent verbal and written communication skills. - Must have a passion for marketing. - Outstanding multitasking abilities. - A strong interest in crypto/blockchain space is desirable. Please submit your application here before Oct 31:


160 ~ 160 TWD/hour



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About us

2014 年成立於美國舊金山的 DINNGO,是一間成長快速且穩定的區塊鏈公司。創辦人成立的初衷是希望透過利用科技來改善傳統金融服務的限制與效率問題,讓全世界的有價資產能更有效率地被轉換。 DINNGO 的主要產品業務為 DINNGO Exchange,為一個基於去中心化技術的混合型交易所(HEX),結合了中央式交易所 (CEX) 的智慧配對引擎及去中心化交易所 (DEX) 的分散式資產管理,透過將資產操控完全回歸使用者之方式降低交易所被駭客入侵之風險,並利用智慧合約即時搓合訂單,讓交易所同時兼具交易速度與用戶資產安全性,加上我們首創將冷錢包與交易所進行深度整合之技術,提用戶提供一個簡單直覺並且安全便利的交易體驗。 我們看見區塊鏈的技術將在未來緊密地被金融產業所採納,也感到非常的幸運能夠集結一群來自各個領域的優秀人才,自 2014 年起一同進入歐美金融市場,和各國銀行間之交流與合作下累積了豐厚的經驗,我們希望在未來的五年內,除了成為世界頂級交易所外,也將提供更多元的金融服務,讓區塊鏈在現實生活中之應用更加普及與便利,例如發行店家消費之金融卡、線上收單清算等,讓未來金融能真正的走入大家的日常生活中。

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