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唐吉訶德Don Quijote是台灣人熟悉的知名日本折扣零售連鎖店,以全新名稱“Don Don Donki”強勢登台。Don Don Donki店鋪版圖自2017年起擴展至東南亞,東南亞首店落腳於新加坡,2019年於泰國及香港兩地成立首店,馬來西亞與澳門首店亦已開幕。Don Don Donki的特色除了超值的多元商品,24小時全年無休的營業時間更提供了顧客們便利的購物時段;Don Don Donki秉持的獨有經營理念,跳脫框架,充分授權,呈現各店差異化,提供便利、便宜、和有趣的購物環境,持續提升並堅持優質的顧客服務。 

Don Quijote, a Japanese discount retail chain famously known as “Donki”, is expanding to Southeast Asia and Taiwan as Don Don Donki.Don Quijote Group's holding company for overseas operations, Pan Pacific International Holdings Pte. Ltd. (PPIH) based in Singapore, will develop the Don Don Donki stores for Southeast Asia and Taiwan.The Don Quijote Group was established in 1980 and opened its first Don Quijote general discount store in 1989. It has since steadily expanded its business and its network of stores by developing a unique type of business based on its store concept of providing “convenience,” “discount” and “amusement,” and by pursuing mergers and acquisitions.Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1998 and restructured under a pure holding company in 2013, it has grown into a general retailing group with 694 stores, the cumulative number of customers reaching 300 million a year and annual consolidated sales topping 800 billion yen in Japan. Its revenue and operating profit have increased for 27 consecutive years.Outside Japan, the Group has been operating three Don Quijote USA stores in Hawaii since 2006. In July 2013, PPIH was established in Singapore as the headquarters of the Don Quijote Group’s overseas operations. In September of the same year, Marukai Corporation, which operates nine stores in California and two stores in Hawaii, came under the umbrella of the Group.At home and abroad, the Don Quijote Group has not only provided customers with what they needed when they needed it but also built a business model to help them enjoy shopping. It has also designed a variety of store formats best suiting the locations and trade areas where the stores are located -- regardless of their size and structure.


Don Don Donki的特色除了超值的多元商品,24小時全年無休的營業時間更提供了顧客們便利的購物時段;Don Don Donki秉持的獨有經營理念,跳脫框架,充分授權,呈現各店差異化,提供便利、便宜、和有趣的購物環境,持續提升並堅持優質的顧客服務。

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Inventory Executive

Job Description • Manage stock planning, replenishment and inventory control in our stores & warehouse for Day to Day basis • Partner with internal and external stakeholders on inventory planning, ...
40K ~ 80K TWD/month
Updated 2 months ago

Marketing 行銷專員

• 檢查,編輯和/或撰寫社交媒體,市場銷售資料,新聞稿等。 • 產品發布、重大事件、新聞和亮點方面與媒體和PR機構以及外部生產團隊緊密合作並合作。 • 審查和優化網站和行動裝置功能,網站架構和用戶界面,以供IT和Web設計單位以及技術供應商使用,並增加直接流量與支持線上服務計劃。 • 與新加坡Marketing行銷團隊溝通協調,以增加社交媒體頁面的參與度和流量/關注者;掌握社交媒體趨勢,並根...
32K ~ 70K TWD/month
Updated 30 days ago
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