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Company summary

DT42 成立於 2015 年,是由一群對數據分析、深度學習與運算系統充滿熱忱的資訊工程師與數據工程師組成的合作團隊,團隊成員均曾於軟體開發、影像辨識專業單位,擁有豐富的技術能量,專長包括數據分析、智慧機器學習、嵌入式系統開發、智能圖像辨識等專業領域,我們利用嵌入式系統開發、資料科學以及人工智慧演算法方面的專長,降低了人工智慧應用開發門檻,不僅支援多種資料型態,且能簡易地被佈署到多樣化的硬體平台,不論監控、工業 4.0 或其他物聯產業,都能透過 DT42 的產品來縮短開發時程、降低人工智慧應用的知識門檻、讓人工智慧被加速導入到商品,真正普及人工智慧的應用。

Products or services

DT42 AI focus on bringing visual intelligence to devices. We provide our customer a local AI solution which can be installed into edge devices for deep learning inference to recognize people, object and actions without internet connection. At DT42 AI , We use our expertise to eliminate the barrier and bring AI to real life.


DT42 is a software company. Our vision is to bring AI from lab to production, from cloud to edge devices and from general purpose to every specific purpose fitting customers' need.


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