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Eats365 是一套雲端的POS 解決方案,設計出各種智能裝置、配合快餐服務和餐檯服務模式的模組。透過科技為餐飲業提供更有效率的餐飲管理平台,帶動餐飲未來。
Eats365 is a F&B POS technology company with the vision of powering the future of dining. The ethos of the company centers around creating a seamless experience in which F&B business owners can run every aspect of their daily operations through a single, intuitive system.

我們務求透過科技,讓餐飲業可以更有效率的經營生意,除了讓連鎖集團可以輕鬆的到海外擴展,也讓小店可以使用彈性的模組,不必花大錢進行客製化的服務。2014 年於香港成立,目前香港iPad POS 市占第一,支援全球超過19 個國家和地區,為不同類型及規模的餐飲企業服務。

With the POS serving as the central hub of Eats365’s product line, a multitude of modules and services can be seamlessly integrated so that F&B businesses can craft their own customized solutions. Operating on a global scale and serving 19 regions around the world, Eats365 is dedicated to implementing new innovations like automation, big data, cloud technology and BYOD services to push the frontier of what it is possible to achieve with a POS.

We are now inviting those who are talented and hardworking to come join our growing team!


Eats365 透過科技,打造一個擴充性極高的餐飲POS系統,讓餐飲業可以更有效率的經營生意。除了讓連鎖集團可以輕鬆的到海外擴展,小店可以使用彈性的模組,例如:掃碼點餐、排隊機、出餐管理系統、取餐叫號系統、客戶顯示器...等,讓店家可以不必花大錢進行客製化的服務,也能體驗最新科技。



1. 彈性工作時間

2. 組織扁平,有什麼需求跟建議隨時提出

3. 一上工即享年假10 天

4. 提供 MacBook 

5. 不定期出差及國外參訪機會

6. 不定期部門聚餐


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