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Job Description

1. 與行銷團隊合作,規劃網站內容、企劃素材等
2. 數位行銷規劃操作(Google Analytics、Google Search Console、SEMrush、Buzzsumo、CRM)設定具體量化目標
3. 網站以及社群平台內容的撰寫
4. 定期評估專案成效,提出行銷專案之結案及檢討,並能分析數據給出好的建議

1. Plan, execute and evaluate content strategies to grow organic search traffics with a marketing team
2. Familiar with marketing tools(Google Analytics、Google Search Console、SEMrush、Buzzsumo、CRM)
3. Constantly update knowledge about the company achievement and products
4. Review the performance of the marketing project regularly and offer the user insight by analyzing the web traffic


1. 有操作SEO關鍵字優化的經驗
2. 對文案有高度熱情,具編輯、校稿與潤稿等能力,需撰寫中英文文章包含公司形象文 案、產品發布內容等,可獨立完成負責專案
3. 需有基礎數據分析經驗,並會使用Google Analytics、Google Search Console、SEMrush、Buzzsumo等工具
4. 會使用GTM代碼
5. 具備一定英語能力,若有檢定證照請附上
6. 具備半導體相關產業知識和B2B行銷經驗尤佳

1. Advanced knowledge of SEO
2. Write, edit, and refine the SEO focused articles for the target audience such as press release in Chinese and English
3. Analyze user engagement data and identify actionable insights through Google Analytics、Google Search Console、SEMrush、Buzzsumo
4. Experience with Tag management system (GTM)
5. Mastery in English and Chinese language
6. Knowledge of the Semiconductors industry and B2B marketing are plus

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About us

Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional semiconductor device and solution supplier and consultant team. We promote, market, and distribute high quality, high efficiency power semiconductor to serve Taiwan and international customers. We provide services to the customers in the market of general power conversion, motor control, lighting, industrial, renewable energy, and other energy efficient required power applications.

Efficient also provide consultant service for the emergent semiconductor companies to develop their business in the global markets. We aim to bring significant values to both our partner companies and our customers by effectively introducing the right products to the right customers.


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