Ematic Solutions Business Management Trainee商管實習生(有機會可升正職)

Ematic Solutions Inc.

Job Description

Ready for your next career move in digital marketing and AI? Believe in working smart, and want to have fun doing it? Ematic Solutions might just be the place for you!

We offer a Digital Cross-Channel Intelligence SaaS focused in maximum growth and ROI with predictable measurable results. Our goal is to make the digital marketer, smarter!

We’re a global team specialized in cross channel communication and in-channel optimization, techies, metric-obsessed marketers and data nerds who believe that AI can take digital marketing to where it has never been before. During lunch, we find ourselves talking shop, and actually enjoying it. We’re a flexible and fun team, where your good ideas can make an impact! 

Ematic Business Management Trainee 在做什麼呢?

  • 負責辦公室的日常行政營運及各項財務收入/支出事務
  • 優化公司內部的工作及溝通程序,並協助與辦公室當地的銀行或政府機關溝通,確保營運效率一直維持在最高點
  • 和Ematic各國、各部門的同事一起工作,一起負責公司工作流程的維護與優化
  • 協助人才招募事務,We are always hiring!
  • 與我們的會計事務所合作,協助處理台北及香港辦公室的Account Receivable (AR) 相關事務
  • 和當地Tech and Startup community保持聯繫,擴大人脈圈圈、認識更多大神
  • Manage office space and costs, and source new locations as we grow our team
  • Ensure country office complies with all local rules and regulations 
  • Optimise internal structures and processes to ensure country office operations run at maximum efficiency
  • Manage documentation and paperwork for new office setups and ongoing operations 
  • Communicate with local institutions such as banks and government offices
  • Coordinating with the accounting firm on Account Receivable(AR) matters for Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Assist with talent acquisition activities such as screening candidates and other ad hoc tasks
  • Maintain local office travel calendar
  • Network with the local tech and startup community
  • Work cross functionally with different teams within the company to ensure processes are developed and executed smoothly 


  • 歡樂無壓力辦公室文化,只要想學隨時都能發問!
  • 隨時都有機會和Ematic各國的同事們一起工作,跨國共識的經驗++
  • 帶你認識新創世界的夥伴們,拓展人脈、並成為新創界的一份子
  • 頻繁的Happy Hour機會,讓你喝酒舒壓充電,和世界各地的同事的同事交朋友!
  • Be part of a fast growing B2B company that nurtures entrepreneurial nature, startup culture and wants to unlock the best version of you
  • Work with a diverse team of smart people who are also fun after work
  • Collaborate with a multi-national team across APAC
  • Happy Hour time! The best way to recharge yourself, and meeting cross-industrial professionals!



    • 中英文履歷 (履歷標題:Apply Ematic_TW_Name_Job Title)
    • 或將履歷及相關資料寄至以下信箱: [email protected]

    [小提示] 因為HR部門的同事多為外國人,故履歷請以英文為主,可以讓你更快被HR看到哦!!!


      - 公司網站:https://www.ematicsolutions.com/

      - 我們的Facebook網頁:https://www.facebook.com/EmaticSolutions/

      Office Info 辦公室基本資訊:



      - 正研讀/ 已擁有商管相關領域學位的大學final year student、或剛剛畢業的新鮮人 - 能配合長期(至少半年)工作(工時彈性) - 謹慎細心的個性,能協助處理各項重要且細節的事務 - 擁有多工的能力、做事有條理、又懂得時間管理 - 精通英語(尤其是寫作與口說),若有其他語言能力則加分! - 擁有良好的溝通能力、並隨時保持一顆樂於學習、積極行動的心 - In your final year or have graduated with a Degree or Masters in Business Administration or Management - Looking for a long term internship (at least 6 months) with flexible working hours - Able to handle confidential and sensitive matters with discretion, responsibly - Proficient in English; written and verbal. Other language is a plus - Thriving in a multi-tasking environment, organized, and adjust priorities on the fly - Tech savvy and willingness to learn new skills - Have excellent communication skills - Have ‘Can Do’ positive attitude and a ‘go getter’



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      Ematic Solutions Inc.

      10058 台灣台北市中正區市民大道三段2號10F

      About us

      Ematic Solutions是一家新加坡外商新創公司,我們致力於透過AI數據分析系統提供客戶最佳化的Digital Marketing效益(包含各種channel,如Email, Facebook, Web等)。 我們的辦公室遍佈全亞洲、合作的客戶也跨足各地區及產業,包含蝦皮,Grab,Sephora,迪卡儂,麥當勞,Accupass等等,擁有跨領域的視野,而我們的工程師團隊則非常善於與營銷團隊協作,提供客戶最優化的產品體驗! 另外,我們的客戶成功團隊也絕對是團隊不可或缺的一部分,他們專注於與客戶溝通、協調,使客戶更好地使用Ematic的產品,並提供客戶最優化的產品體驗! 想要加入快節奏、高效率的工作環境,高速精進自己嗎?我們有扁平化、自由歡樂的辦公室文化,天天都能讓你滿載而歸! 已經具有工作經驗、對產業有基本認識了嗎?我們可以提供多樣化的工作內容及極具開創性的任務,培養你的跨產業視野! 加入我們,體驗新創公司的自由環境,每一天都能盡情地一展長才,非常適合喜歡挑戰自我的你加入! Ematic Solutions is a Singapore-headquartered Software as a Service (SaaS) company, offering cloud-based solutions that help digital marketers efficiently build and deploy sophisticated, high-return on investment (ROI) marketing programs.

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      Nelson Chang
      Ematic Solutions Inc.
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