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應用工程師 Solutions Engineer

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協助設置Ematic Solutions軟體服務與串接,與客戶開發團隊直接互動溝通,處理故障排除與產品需求回測,藉此不斷精進自己,了解最新的程式技術應用。

同時頻繁地與團隊內的行銷策略分析師、設計師、產品經理與海外團隊等其他部門密切合作協助解決客戶問題。協助客戶導入 Ematic 旗下產品、並可以與來自各種產業的客戶討論、建議產品使用情境,增進自己的應用能力。

我們認為工程師最有價值的貢獻在於,能夠創造出解決問題的工具。若你發現在公司內部的每日工作範圍內,有需要開發新的應用工具給公司同仁使用,使得團隊在工作上更有效率、更便捷,我們都非常歡迎!因此有非常多 支線任務可以執行,讓你工作不無聊,上班超有挑戰!

任何Level都有進行招募,如果你是 Mid + 以上也歡迎投遞!



      • Have 0-2 years of working experience with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
      • Have >1-year Customer / Technical Support experience. Fresh graduates with internship experience with Customer / Technical Support are welcomed to apply.
      • Have impeccable written and verbal communication skills in both English and local language
      • Have advanced Microsoft Office skills (Excel is a must and obsessed to Data Analytics)
      • Basic understanding and knowledge in Rest API.
      • Basic programming language such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, SQL, HTML
      • Have excellent organizational skills and have demonstrated the ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment for long periods of time.
      • Are committed to excellence, and self-improvement
      • Basic knowledge and understanding in Marketing Technologies like Messaging, Analytics CDP, Attribution is an added advantage.
      • Have a strong Interest in problem-solving translated from data


      • Provide onboarding support to new customers by following the established SOP’s
      • Timely execution of requests (Customer or technical) from the customer success team
      • Gather user feedback and needs, and provide constructive suggestions to internal and external stakeholders to ensure smooth customer service flow
      • Work with cross-functional team on ad-hoc projects for anything customer related
      • On-going daily support for existing customer focused on retention and growth

    Please provide English CV 應徵請提供英文履歷


    ✔️有Google Tag Manager 或 Google analytics 使用經驗
    ✔️對 Facebook Pixel 有使用 / 串接的經驗
    ✔️有Git / PHP 經驗
    ✔️能夠使用或熟稔以下其一,越多越加分:Symfony / HTML / CSS / RESTful API / Javascript / PHP / MySQL。

    #Why you need to join us!

    ✨喝酒喝不停:公司內定期舉行Happy Hour,讓你喝啤酒喝到飽,和整個電子商務產業的同行交朋友!
    All the perks that come along with working in a startup; we pay competitively and we help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves.
    Be part of a fast-growing company that nurtures entrepreneurial nature, startup culture and wants to unlock the best version of you.
    Work with a diverse team of smart people who are also fun after work.
    Opportunities to learn directly from our excellent leadership team.
    Collaborate with a multi-national team across APAC.
    Opportunity to travel for better exposure across our operating markets.

      #DigitalMarketing #SaaS #MarTech

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    No requirement for relevant working experience
    480,000 ~ 840,000 TWD / year
    Optional Remote Work
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    Logo of Ematic Solutions  Inc..

    About us

    Ematic Solutions is a marketing and technology consultancy that helps B2C companies build a fully integrated, high-ROI digital ecosystem. We are a team of digital marketers, engineers, designers, copywriters, operation specialists and customer success practitioners spread across the world.

    We are both professional and fun to work with. At Ematic, you are immersed in a flat and open culture. We support every colleague to achieve their long-term growth through work and create opportunities for you to interact with colleagues from different countries and cultures. We don’t just grow as a business, we grow as individuals together. Join us to build an exciting career.

    Ematic Solutions 是一家行銷和科技整合的諮詢顧問公司,主要幫助 B2C 公司打造完整集成的、高 ROI 的數位行銷生態系統。我們的團隊由遍佈全球的數位行銷人員、工程師、設計師、撰寫文案專家、營運專員以及客戶經理組成。

    我們是個專業又有趣的工作夥伴!在 Ematic,你將沉浸在一個扁平和開放式的文化。我們支持每一位同事從工作中達成他們的成長和期望,並為你創建與來自不同國家和文化同事互動的機會。我們不只重視企業成長,我們更尊重每位員工的獨特性一同成長茁壯。現在就加入我們,讓我們一同打造令人振奮的 Martech 職涯!


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    Entry level
    456K ~ 540K TWD / year

    Entry level
    420K ~ 564K TWD / year

    Entry level
    480K ~ 576K TWD / year