Empress Hot Sauce 辣太后 創意美式辣醬 work environment photoEmpress Hot Sauce 辣太后 創意美式辣醬 work environment photoEmpress Hot Sauce 辣太后 創意美式辣醬 work environment photoEmpress Hot Sauce 辣太后 創意美式辣醬 work environment photo

Job Description

Meet Empress Hot Sauce - Our sauces combine Taiwan's delicious fruit flavors with the spiciness of local chilies to be your meal's perfect companion. Every bottle of Empress is hand-made in Taipei with all natural ingredients that are locally sourced and vegan friendly. We looking for a part time kitchen assistant to join our exciting start up company. In this role, you will learn how to develop new flavor profiles, in-depth practices of fermentation, and get the chance to learn/enhance efficient and effective operations. 

This role is permanent part-time, roughly 3 evenings a week starting asap.


  1. Working alongside head chef to manage daily kitchen activities.
  2. Prepare ingredients and measurements as required.
  3. Keeping with quality and consistency by following designated recipes.
  4. Checking deliveries ensuring quality and freshness, and monitoring stock levels. Ensures a first-in, first-out food rotation system and verifies all products are properly recorded, dated and organized for quality assurance.
  5. Assist in cleaning, sterilizing, sanitizing, filling, and sealing sauce vessels.
  6. General cleaning of cooking equipment, utensils and food preparation area. Maintaining high standards of hygiene and organization.
  7. Working with head chef and procurement jointly to minimize waste, optimize shelf space, project required order volume, and manage budgetary concerns.
  8. Assists with product development and creation.

*Pay negotiable based on experience. Work permit required.


  1. Able to adapt with a flexible schedule (late starts and finish)

  2. Have experience in food prep basic cooking and knife skills.

  3. High standard of food safety and hygiene.

  4. Being able to stand for long hours and lift heavy items.

  5. Able to read and understand English/Chinese is a plus.

  6. Available to work nights and weekends only.

  7. Part time hours 3x a week totaling around 20 hours a week.

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Empress Hot Sauce 辣太后 創意美式辣醬


About us

We make western-style fermented Hot Sauce in Taiwan using unique ingredients such as Mangoes, Pomegranate, and Miso. Every bottle of Empress is made with All Natural Ingredients, No Preservatives, and with Local Taiwanese Ingredients. Our unique flavors - Mango, Pomegranate, and Pineapple Miso Hot Sauces are the first of its kind and we aim to take Taiwan's ingredients global in our sauces. We're expanding rapidly - join our team if you like to work hard, make an impact, build a memorable brand but most importantly... if you like to have fun and eat inspiring things! 

辣太后是為了愛吃但怕痛的人所研發的!我們的辣醬都是香辣,不會蓋過食物的好吃,辣太后的口味都是獨一無二的創意。利用特殊的辣醬食材:台南的愛文芒果,有機的紅石榴汁,台灣有機的白味噌等等 每一瓶都會經過天然醃製再裝進瓶子。重視健康,好吃,環保的太后團隊都只用對身體跟世界好的材料 - 正在邁向做一個有責任感的國際品牌。我們正在迅速擴張當中 - 如果你願意努力,願意嘗試,可以跟愛玩又愛吃的團隊一起來打拼建立一個品牌。

(Team Photo @ Launch Party)


Jane Chen

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