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Logo of Engsight-Lab.
Logo of Engsight-Lab.
Logo of Engsight-Lab.

Company summary

Engsight-Lab is a virtual space for people to experiment their personal language learning formula and enriched by impactful global viewpoints. With the power of technology and language experts, we take a multimodal approach to offer effective solutions for our members. We provide a standard speaking training package with a mix of pronunciation, latest news, and unprecedented opportunities to network with global talents.

Products or services

  • TENET Plans: News for speaking learning. A practice of 10 mins, for 10 words and 10 sentences, as well as live sessions for language classes and networking.
  • Private Consulting: senior language and domain experts as a private thinktank for our members
  • Enterprises: tailored training programs


As a mission-driven team, we're relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where every learner can be enriched by the power of languages and insights, to achieve a life with creativity and cheerfulness.

In today’s global arena, the ability to collaborate effectively with others is an essential competency for professionals. Mastering smooth communication skills requires an investment in time and money. A talent with plans shall prepare a rich personal network to support personal and professional objectives, leveraging the resources and intelligence of teams, and establishing understanding and trust that translates into productive working relationships. Our mission at Engsight-Lab is empowering people and organizations to communicate, collaborate and shine on the global stage.


Tech stack

- online speaking lecture about speaking/ interpretation(entry level) (ets. average 10-20 students) - partly shadowing practice - business, international communication scenario practice, flexible a...
500 ~ 1K TWD / hour
2 years of experience required
No management responsibility

Able to maintain system, updating information
35K ~ 40K TWD / month
1 years of experience required
No management responsibility