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Job Description

Develops the strategic business relationships and long term engagement plans with international solution parters and channels (Indirect Sales) , this candidate’s major roles & responsibilities are to develop global ICT business and build up channel merchants in the market of Southeast market , especially in Vietnam , Singapore and Indonesia .


1. At least 5 years’ experience in sales related field.

2. Fluently in writing/speaking/listening English.

3. Open-minded, self-driven, team-work and aggressive.

4. Good interpersonal communication and negotiation skill.

5 years of experience required
40K ~ 55K TWD / month
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身為國內資通訊與數位應用服務先驅,遠傳電信以卓越的網路技術、創新的數位服務、便捷的企業應用,提供各類切合用戶需求的優質產品與服務,網路品質多次獲第三方公正單位肯定,致力以科技拉近人與人之間的距離,實現「只有遠傳 沒有距離」的品牌承諾。遠傳電信一路超前部署,持續透過「大人物」(大數據、人工智慧、物聯網)以及雲端技術,落實全新品牌宣言「靠得更近 想得更遠」,成為消費者、企業客戶的最佳數位夥伴。


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