E-commerce Specialist 產品經理(網路行銷企劃)

Job Description

First Lighting is a 30 years LED Lighting Company catering to the US Market. With a new Ecommerce Division Established, we are looking for someone with some experience with establishing Ecommerce Presence, to assist with overseeing the whole Ecommerce Operation.

This Role includes:

-Helping with setting up Functioning Ecommerce Website.

-Assist with New Product offering on Platform, as well as online Data analytic(and the review of Product offering)

-Responsibility with Monitoring Day-Day On line Activities (traffic, sales generated)

-Assist with forming Company’s Overall Digital Marketing Strategies(Product Marketing as well as Brand Marketing).

-Assist with Improving User Experience

-Website Traffic and Sales monitoring.

-Brand Loyalty Development (Online Presence exposure)

-Assist with Paid Ad Campaigns Optimization (or SEO)

-Develop Campaigns to Increase Digital Sales

-Website Online Inventory management

Please visit our website at https://www.firstlighting.com/ for more information.

- 幫助建立功能正常的電子商務網站。

- 協助平台上的新產品供應,以及在線數據分析(和產品供應審查)。

- 負責監控日間在線活動(流量、產生的銷售額)。

- 協助制定公司的整體數字營銷策略(產品營銷以及品牌營銷)。

- 協助改善用戶體驗。

- 網站流量和銷售監控。

- 品牌忠誠度發展(在線曝光)。

- 協助付費廣告活動優化(或 SEO)。

- 開展活動以增加數字銷售。

- 網站在線庫存管理。


Skills or Experience we are looking for:

-1-2 Years Experience in Ecommerce Operation

-Basic Knowledge in E-commerce Space including: 1. Marketing Strategies 2. Competitive Strategies, 4. Consumer Research, 5. Industry Trends

-Basic Knowledge in Various Platform and online sales strategies and can be used to conduct digital sales.

-Familiarity with Web Design (Web Content Writing/SEO Content Writing)

-Familiarity with Digital media/Graphic Design Editing/Web Design

-Familiarity with Adobe Suite(Photoshop,Illustrator, InDesign)

-Understanding of API Web Integration/Platform such as Wordpress)

- 1-2年電商運營經驗

- 電子商務領域的基礎知識,包括:1. 營銷策略 2. 競爭策略,4. 消費者研究,5. 行業趨勢

- 各種平台和在線銷售策略的基礎知識,可用於進行數字銷售。

- 熟悉網頁設計(網頁內容寫作/SEO內容寫作)

- 熟悉數字媒體/平面設計編輯/網頁設計

- 熟悉 Adob​​e Suite(Photoshop、Illustrator、InDesign)

- 了解API Web集成/平台如Wordpress)

40,000 ~ 55,000 TWD / month
Managing 1-5 staff
Partial Remote Work
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About us

First Lighting was established in 2016, in Taipei Taiwan. We are LED Lighting Manufacturer offering complete vertical Integrated solution for Outdoor LED Lighting in Commercial, Residential, and Industrial space. We export primarily to the North American Market, as well as Japan, Australia and England.

From Design and develop, to Manufacture and Product Testing Validation, everything is implemented completely in-house, allow us to offer OEM, ODM capability for some of largest Lighting Company in the United States.

Products like Commercial Floodlights, Industrial Work lights, Landscape and Residential Lighting, all our products are 100% designed and manufactured in house.

Aside from existing Outdoor LED Lighting fixtures, we continue to develop and explore the fields of other Specialty Lightings such as Smart Control, UV disinfectant, Horticultural and Marine type Lighting.

First Lighting是 LED 照明製造商,為商業、住宅和工業空間及戶外 LED 照明提供完整的設計、製造、銷售。

我們主要提供 OEM、ODM產品銷售到北美市場以及日本、澳大利亞等國家。



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