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Company summary

We advocate for a decentralized internet that is public, open and censorship-resistant. Our business model has below three pillars: 1) Staking-as-a-service Forbole is a recognized validator and contributor in blockchain space. We are currently validating 20 blockchains. 2) Big Dipper ( Big Dipper is an award-winning open-source block explorer and staking tool for PoS blockchains which is used by people from over 140 countries. 3) Desmos ( We are building Desmos, which is a social network-specific public blockchain with its own governance model and tokenomics.

Products or services

1) Staking-as-a-Service Forbole is a leading validator and contributor in Cosmos, or call it the internet of blockchains. As of 23 Jun 2019, we have over US$30M of crypto assets under delegation. 2) Big Dipper We have created Big Dipper, an award-winning block explorer for Cosmos ecosystem used by people from over 130 countries. 3) Desmos We are also developing Desmos with Cosmos SDK, which is a chain to serve as a regional hub in Southeast Asia and South China with a specific focus on decentralized community applications.


We advocate for the use of decentralization to improve our world which is dominated by a handful of centralized powers. Blockchain is a means to an end.

Employee benefits

We offer: 1) A golden opportunity to co-build a rising startup in a rising industry that have the ambition to change the status quo of the centralized internet 2) Flexible work schedule 3) Salary + equity + token

Work environment

Agile and flexible.

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