Job Description

1. Develop and operate backend systems related to data access, collection, processing and storage.
2. Develop and maintain bot system on multiple platforms (ex: Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, etc.).
3. Develop and maintain backend API services.
4. Responsible for workflow automation, process optimization and performance tuning.


【必備經歷與能力】 1. Bachelor degree or above majored in Computer Science related subjects 2. Familiar with Unix-like operating systems and Git 3. Familiar with Node.js and Javascript. 4. Basic knowledge about NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, etc.) 5. Basic knowledge about relational database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) 【加分條件】 1. Experience in Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) 2. Experience in one of bot platforms. 3. Experience in NLP. 4. Experience in virtualization or container technology (Docker, etc.)



Other Jobs at Fugle


1. Develop multiple frontend websites based on Javascript framework.2. Build our own UI components and libraries.3. Refactor client-side application architecture to simplify dev...

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2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview

2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview


此次活動由 CakeResume 嚴選 10 家科技公司,聯合舉辦快速面試活動。iOS / Android / Web / Unity / Hardware / Server 等高薪職缺,2018.03.03 等你來挑戰!