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Database Administrator(Engineer)/資料庫管理師(工程師)

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Job Description

1. Take full ownership of all databases that power the Funpodium customer experience.

2. Build tools to monitor availability, latency, performance, capacity planning, and fix bottlenecks regarding DB performance and DB architecture.

3. Improve the cost-effectiveness of our solutions.

4. Forecast growth and optimize for our growing scale.

5. Design and improve the architecture of our production systems, while also improving the developer experience of working with large multi-Cloud distributed databases.


1. 管理所有支持Funpodium客戶體驗的數據庫。

2. 構建工具來監測可用性、延遲度、性能及計劃存儲量,並修復有關數據庫性能和數據庫結構的問題。

3. 提高公司解決方案的成本效益。

4. 預測資料庫增長規模並針對其規模進行優化。

5. 設計和改進生產系統的結構,同時改善開發人員使用混合雲分散式資料庫的經驗。


Required Technical Skills

1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in database technologies and designing.

2. Must have experience with MySQL 5.7/8, MongoDB, Redis, CentOS Linux, RedHat Linux.

3. Experience with database migration, performance tuning, and optimization, and setting up and managing database connections.

4. Flexible enough to work on the above-mentioned systems irrespective of Data Center location of Cloud Service provider.

5. Has an aptitude for observability with a keen interest in monitoring and improving our ability to identify and rectify potential bottlenecks and critical issues.

6. Likes to maintain an awareness of industry trends and takes an interest in ensuring that we meet the highest standards with respect to technology and security.

7. Loves to automate simple database tasks.

8. Ensure we deploy the best standards with respect to access control and database maintenance.

9. Exposure working with open source technologies, as well as knowledge on containerization(Docker).

10. Takes pride in working with world-class experts and in driving innovation across the organization.


1. 至少3年的數據庫技術和設計經驗。

2. 必須具備MySQL 5.7 / 8、MongoDB、Redis、CentOS Linux和RedHat Linux的相關經驗。

3. 具備數據庫遷移、性能調整和優化以及建立和管理數據庫連接的經驗。

4. 不論Cloud Service提供商數據中心位置在哪都具備足夠靈活度以在上述系統上工作。

5. 具有可觀測性的能力,並對提升我們識別和糾正潛在瓶頸的能力非常感興趣。

6. 保持對行業趨勢的了解,並確保我們在技術和安全性方面達到最高標準。

7. 喜歡自動化簡單的數據庫任務。

8. 確保我們在訪問控制和數據庫維護方面皆達最佳標準。

9. 具備開源技術以及容器化(Docker)的相關知識。

10. 以與世界一流的專家合作及在整個組織內推動創新而感到自豪。

Other Preferred Skills

1. Experience with Kubernetes is a plus.

2. Experience with Cloud DB architecture design is a plus. ( Alicloud, AWS, GCP)

3. Having a Master’s degree preferred.


1. 有Kubernetes經驗為佳。

2. 具有Cloud DB架構設計經驗為佳。 (Alicloud、AWS、GCP)

3. 擁有碩士學位為佳。

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