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Logo of Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司.
Logo of Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司.
Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司
Logo of Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司.
Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司
Logo of Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司.
Genesis Healthcare Co.日商創世紀康護股份有限公司

Company summary

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Our aim is to make a meaningful impact on people’s life, health and wellness through genomic science and artificial intelligence.


Although all individuals look and think differently, live different lifestyles and speak different languages, 99% of our genetic makeup is common across all humans. The diversity between us comes from the remaining 1%. Our mission is to embrace this 1%, to use genetic analysis to encourage creating a healthy society that celebrates diversity.

Our mission

Empowering individuals, researchers and corporations through genomic science to evolve towards personalized health prevention and solve complex medical research issues.

Fostering International Mindset

At Genesis Healthcare, we uphold a unique and innovative HR initiative which focuses on recruiting and retaining talent from those from all backgrounds and offer placement in areas without much experience. The reason is, we value ambition for newcomers to pursue new career areas.

We also do not call our employees “Employees” as is common with most companies. Our employees are referred to as either “Innovators,” “Creators,” “Disruptors,” or “Educators.” We focus on hiring those that can demonstrate their unique talent and potential despite their current, former positions or education.

​Project Groups across members of different divisions are typically formed with those from different background to offer fruitful discussions and to bring out the best of delivering the best products, tests and services with the vision in mind. As a result, Genesis may lack organization or structure from within. But, with different mindsets constantly seeking Innovation, Creation, Disruption or Education always at work, it will feel like you are travelling into the future as well. We hope you will choose Genesis Healthcare and become part of the future of genetic science.


公司的願景在希望透過基因資訊能讓一般人更加了解自己的先天狀況,例如說是疾病的風險,先天體質或甚至是個性,進而了解如何讓自己過得更健康,也就是"Celebration of Humanity"的觀念.



Celebration of Humanity!

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