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Digital Marketing Intern 數位行銷實習生 (Native in English)


Job Description

【About CuboAi】

CuboAi is a FamTech company known for its award-winning AI baby monitor. We broke the crowdfunding record on the day of its release in 2019 and went on to rank as one of the Top Best Sellers on Amazon the following year. Originally founded in Taiwan, we've now expanded our market presence to North America, Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries.

We pride ourselves as a user-centric company, putting our customers first and creating products that not only meet but also exceed parents' needs. We also value being open-minded, empathetic, and agile. If you hold the same values as we do, come join us on our journey to bringing health & happiness to families all over the world!

【What you will do】

1. Assist in growing and nurturing potential buyers on CuboAi’s social communities (including Facebook Page, Facebook Group & Instagram).

2. You'll also participate in all aspects of external online acquisition strategy from awareness, consideration, to conversion across channels.

3. Reach out to influencers, brand advocates, or audiences on social media.

4. Help develop quality and shareable content (text, images, videos) for our social channels.

5. You’ll have a chance to learn:

• Social media strategy

• Paid media strategy (Facebook ads, Google ads, etc)

• Google Analytics

• Email/Line marketing (MailChimp)

• Content marketing


• Passionate in digital marketing

• Native in English

• Willing to wear multiple hats; enjoy working in a fast-paced work environment

• Majoring in Marketing, Business, or Communication a plus

***Able to come to the office at least 2.5 days (20 hours) a week on weekdays***

***The internship duration is 6 months (contract renewal is based on job performance)***




歡迎大三大四生對於數位行銷懷抱憧憬與熱情者,在 CuboAi 你可以接觸到

1. 網紅行銷

2. 社群內容行銷

3. 發想有趣創意行銷活動

4. 廣告投放

5. 電商平台 Amazon 跟官網操作


1. 英文為母語

2. 學習熱情

3. 主動積極

4. 具良好溝通能力及文案能力

5. 創意滿滿


• 理想報到日:錄取後 1-2 週內

• 合約長度:6 個月 (可視工作表現續約)

• 上班時間:每週一至五 09:30-18:30 (午休 1 小時)

• 排班規定:每週一至五至少可以實習 2.5 天 (若遇考試週,工作時間可彈性調整)

快來加入 CuboAi 吧~~~

Interview process

There is only one interview.


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No requirement for relevant working experience
220 ~ 250 TWD / hour
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Logo of CuboAi 智慧寶寶攝影機_雲云科技股份有限公司.

About us

『好可愛!感覺好溫馨,有了它的陪伴,爸爸媽媽寶寶都可以睡得很安穩』常是第一眼看 CuboAi 寶寶攝影機的印象,也是開發 CuboAi 的初心。 

雲云科技是一群平均年齡不到 30 歲的年輕團隊,產品開發理念是讓爸媽可以更自在親密地享受育兒生活,特別重視運用科技解決育兒時的困擾,從痛點觀察、使用者訪談、硬體規劃、軟體 AI 開發與 Home Test 等流程來確保產品品質與實用性。 

我們重視的核心價值『Empathy 同理』、『Open Mind 擁抱新思維』、『Agility 敏捷』讓這個來自四面八方的國際團隊更能感同身受爸媽的煩惱進而緊密地機動變換隊形,快速處理世界各地爸媽們的疑慮。我們正全力規劃新的產品與服務,持續往世界級母嬰產品開發的目標努力。 

在營運方面,我們就像探險家一樣!透過數據分析和資料整合來洞察市場狀況,同時也密切關注市場的每一個細微變化,由 CuboAi 的數據專家不定期分享 insight,幫助我們精準預測未來趨勢並快速調整策略。

想了解如何透過 User Centric 開發出消費者超高黏著度的產品嗎?加入 CuboAi,讓你的想法與聲音可以發揮與實踐,來認識我們吧。New Journey on!


Entry level
40K+ TWD / month

Entry level
40K+ TWD / month

Entry level
40K+ TWD / month