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AI Video Solution Enterprise Solution Sales (Japan)/ AI影片企業方案業務(日本市場)

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Job Description

Here at GliaCloud, our goal is to create AI-powered video services that benefit people worldwide. We're looking for individuals who share our passion for innovation and want to be part of a team that's dedicated to making a positive impact through cutting-edge technology.

  1. Understand the GliaStudio AI video generation technology and its applications, recommend suitable services to potential customers, and systematically expand sales growth.
  2. Identify potential customers and promote the product through phone and online meetings.
  3. Prepare client proposals to win new business and achieve performance goals.
  4. Provide post-sales customer service and maintenance.

集雅科技以打造面向全球市場的AI影片產品為目標,希望有更多人能享受到 AI 帶來的好處!

  1. 了解 GliaStudio AI 影片生成技術與應用,推薦適合的服務給適當的客戶,有系統地擴大業務銷售增長。
  2. 尋找潛在客戶,並透過電話和線上會議推廣產品。
  3. 準備客戶提案,以贏得新業務,達到業績目標。
  4. 提供後續客戶服務維護關係。



  1. At least 2 years of service sales experience in the internet industry, with a proven track record.
  2. Proficient in Japanese and able to communicate in Chinese or English for business purposes. Relevant language certifications must be provided.
  3. Demonstrated success in developing new business and clear proposal-making ability.
  4. Strong team player with a track record of achieving operational and performance goals on a quarterly basis.
  5. Possess time management skills, able to prioritize tasks and complete them within specified timelines.
  1. 需有 2年以上網路產業的服務銷售經驗,並有實質工作績效者。
  2. 精通日文並可用中文或英文進行商務溝通,需附上相關語言證明。
  3. 有成功的陌生開發經驗與邏輯清楚的製作提案能力。
  4. 擅長團隊合作,達成每一季的運營與業績目標。
  5. 具備時間管理能力,能辨識工作任務優先級,在指定時間完成任務。

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2 years of experience required
40,000 TWD / month
Partial Remote Work
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GliaCloud 集雅科技股份有限公司成立於 2015 年,專注於人工智慧在媒體領域的應用,團隊由雲端技術專家,人工智慧科學者與熟悉網路媒體產業的 Growth Hackers 組成.集雅也是 Google 認證的雲端技術合作夥伴。

曾獲得 Tech in Asia、 Seedstars World Taipei、Meet Taipei Neo Star 及 ChinaBang Award 等國內外創業獎項肯定,並取得國際創投 Infinity Venture Partners 及知名天使與機構投資人多方資金挹注。GliaCloud 總部落腳於台北,目標是成為亞洲人工智慧內容產業的領導者!



Entry level
448K ~ 600K TWD / year