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Job Description

At Glints, we are building the #1 tech-enabled recruitment and career discovery platform in Southeast Asia that helps people and organisations realize their human potential by joining great organisations, learning the right skills and building great teams.

About This Role

We’re looking for a Software Engineer (Web) to join our Engineering team to build high-performance, reliable, and scalable shared services for our products and platforms with solid software engineering foundations, in a timely manner and collaboratively in a team. Our products help young professionals in Southeast Asia develop career skills, learn from a community, and secure jobs.

Why This Job Is Awesome

You will be entrusted to lead and develop product features, and eventually epics, with the engineering team; as well as work collaboratively with product managers and product designers to actively shape product ideas. You will also lead and introduce technical standards or practices that ensure quality, enable iterations, and save the team time in the long run.

It doesn't matter if you're stronger in the frontend, backend, or both; as long as you're passionate about and skilled at building web products, there's a special place in our hearts and teams for you here! Over here at Glints, we emphasize cross-functional teamwork and user feedback a lot. Like 3-user-sessions-a-week level. More than technical wizardry, we're also looking for builders who want to make a tangible impact on our users' lives.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Deliver features and fixes according to product needs reliably
  • Building features with performance, reliability and security in mind
  • Lead and contribute actively to technical and product discussions
  • Champion and represent cutting-edge web technologies in product discussions to solve users' problems
  • Write and review technical documents, including design, engineering docs, and performing collaborative code reviews

Why You Should Join Us

  • You’ll be part of a rapidly growing team with unique scalability challenges from both the technical and people aspects
  • The services you implement will indirectly create great social impact for millions of young professionals in SEA
  • We’re the hosts for the Elastic User Group and TypeScriptSG Meetups in Singapore, so there’s ample opportunity to build networks
  • You’ll work in an autonomous and aligned group of product builders who care deeply about our mission and their craft


Who We Are Looking For

  • 0-3 years professional working experience in software engineering
  • Solid understanding of good software engineering practices (version control, code reviews, testing, refactoring, …)
  • Well-versed in web performance, and has experience optimizing it
  • Experience in setting up, migrating and maintaining databases
  • Good grasp of client-side technologies and can thus pick up frontend frameworks easily
  • Practitioner of TDD and has good understanding of the testing pyramid
  • Good English speaking & writing skills


  • Experience in DevOps and in using the surrounding ecosystem of tools
  • Experience in teaching and mentoring on technical skills and concepts
  • Experience in Kafka and Elasticsearch
  • Good grasp of security principles, and develops with a security-first mindset
  • Sufficient business acumen to translate business problems into internal software solutions

Preferred Tech Stacks

  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kafka
  • GraphQL
  • DigitalOcean

Interview process

Here at Glints Taiwan, our interview process will be:

  1. Apply via CakeResume or Glints
  2. Screening interview with our recruiter
  3. Interview with our Hiring Manager
  4. Technical Assessment (homework)
  5. Final interview
No requirement for relevant working experience
65,000 ~ 110,000 TWD / month
Partial Remote Work
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About us

Glints 成為東南亞頂尖人才生態系
Glints 建立東南亞頂尖的人才生態系,我們使命是協助超1.2億名專業人才的職涯成長,並幫助企業雇用東南亞各地的合適人才。自2015年於新加坡正式創立以來Glints已協助超過300萬名專業人才,至今已有超過5萬家跨國新創與企業選擇Glints的服務,包含:AIA、IKEA、GetGo、KKday與Gameloft等知名企業。今日,Glints已是人才招募與管理領域中的領導品牌,更是成長最快速的新創公司。全球據點包含印尼、馬來西亞、新加坡、越南、菲律賓、台灣等國家。

Glints 不斷的快速發展
Glints獲LinkedIn評選為成長最快速的新加坡新創公司之一,目前已達到D輪募資高達5,000萬美元,用於拓展Glints菲律賓人才供應庫與Glints後續的發展。與去年同期相比Glints的全年總收益與毛利率增長了2.5倍,延續過去四年每年業務成長率破百的趨勢,印尼與越南市場持續營利外,以及旗下各個生態圈的快速發展,包含:Recruitment、Managed Talent、JobSearch、ExpertClass與Community,更使Glints能協助到更多優秀的人才。

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Glints’ Growth Story by Numbers

Glints is the leading regional talent ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to enable the 120 million professionals in the region to grow their careers and empower organizations to hire the right talent from anywhere in Southeast Asia. Officially launched in 2015 in Singapore, Glints has empowered more than 3 million talents and 50,000 organizations to realize their human potential. Today, we stand at the forefront of human capital empowerment as the fastest-growing startup in the career development and talent recruitment space. Glints currently operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan. Clickhere for the full article.


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