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Whoscall (Gogolook) 職場環境の写真Whoscall (Gogolook) 職場環境の写真Whoscall (Gogolook) 職場環境の写真Whoscall (Gogolook) 職場環境の写真Whoscall (Gogolook) 職場環境の写真


As a Senior Product Designer at Gogolook, you will participate in early-stage product discussions and be given the opportunities to demonstrate your creative problem-solving skills within a team. You will be a key contributor that crafts and maintains elegant user experiences of our products-throughout the cycle of understanding users' needs, developing design solutions and evaluating/refining the results.

1. Drive digital product design from concepts to final hand-off.
2. Conduct user flows, wireframes, visual mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate design ideas.
3. Collaborate closely with PM, Developer and QA in an agile environment.
4. Design with a growth mindset and be able to balance business goals and good user experiences.
5. Has a creative mindset and use any design method to get problem-solution fit.
6. Understand widely product requirements and break it down to design solutions in early-stage.


<Must Have>
1. Minimum 5 years of work experience in UI/UX design.
2. Experience in mobile consumer-facing products.
3. A strong design portfolio with case studies demonstrating your decision-making process.
4. Knowledge of current UX best practices, including user research and usability test.
5. Great sense of UI design, including colors, icons, layouts to deliver a high quality visual experience to end-users.
6. Has excellent communication to be a team-player.

<Nice to Have>
1. Familiar with any prototyping tool and has prototyping experience is a plus+
2. Experience with Agile development is a plus+
3. Have a design thinking mindset is a plus+
4. Have data-driven design experience is a big plus+++

About Design Team
If you want to know how we work or what we have learned, feel free to refer our Medium: [](



Whoscall (Gogolook)

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防詐領導品牌 Gogolook(走著瞧股份有限公司),成立於 2012 年,擁有東亞最大 16 億筆號碼資料庫,團隊成員由來自於台灣、香港、韓國、日本、巴西與泰國等多國軟體創新人才,旗下產品包含陌生來電辨識軟體 Whoscall 、金融商品防詐媒合平台貸鼠先生、可疑訊息查證機器人美玉姨。Gogolook 與台灣警政署刑事警察局 165 反詐騙諮詢專線、韓國金融監督院、韓國警察廳、日本福岡市政府共同防範詐騙,佈局跨國版圖。



Jennifer Chuang
Peter Hsueh


User Researcher

フルタイム中級レベル100K ~ 160K TWD/3ヶ月前に更新されました





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