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The Product Manager / Product Planner is the mini-CEO of a product. This person plans and manages the product end-to-end: from its initiation, development, production, marketing and selling, till the end of life. This person should have the following qualities:

◆ Has broad knowledge and passion across various categories of products. The definition of “product” is not limited to tangible or consumer products, any kind of hardware, software, or service could be included.
◆ Appreciates products from different histories, cultures, or regions, respects the differences, understands the reason behind, and furthermore, is able to dig out even more unsatisfied user needs.
◆ Able to do high-level business strategic planning, but can also handle tactical, day-to-day details.
◆ Think from both users’ and manufacturers’ perspectives, know what customers appreciate and how to maximize value for the company.
◆ Able to sell the target, strategy or idea to internal or external stakeholders, and guide teams to realize it.
◆ Thinks rationally, makes decisions based on data and facts, but also has good judgment on non-quantitative factors like aesthetics and sensibility.
◆ Able to coordinate various opinions and perspectives, transform them into clear and feasible strategies.
◆ Able to keep a clear mind and think deeply under chaos and uncertainties, and adapt to a drastically changing environment quickly.
◆ Highly self-motivated and strong motivation of achievement.
◆ Highly stress resistant and good emotion management.

◆ Formulate forward-looking strategies and develop product portfolios in long-term planning.
◆ Quickly coordinate various resources according to changes in organizational needs.
◆ Transform product strategy into business goals through program implementation.
◆ Manage the product development operations and undertake tasks related to implementing instructions from superiors.
◆ Occasional business trips.

◆ Basic knowledge about software, hardware and industrial production.
◆ Able to form strategies to meet business requirements.
◆ Cross department and category communication ability.
◆ Good presentation skills to deliver concepts with insights to the audience.
◆ Good Interpersonal skills and great leadership.
◆ Strong learning aptitude to integrate various domain knowledge.
◆ Technical writing and copywriting, both in English and Mandarin.


◆ Engineer or a science professional is preferred.
◆ 5 + years of own brand product planning and management.
◆ Multinational brand experience with fluency in English and Mandarin communication.
◆ Possessing vehicle or transportation related experiences is a plus.
◆ Experienced in industrial design, human-machine interface, UX, and ergonomics is a plus.

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5 years of experience required
60,000 ~ 120,000 TWD / month
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60K ~ 120K TWD / month

Entry level
40K ~ 120K TWD / month