Company summary

Graphen builds next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms based on graphs to produce full brain functions and create novel industry solutions. Headquartered in New York, the company currently has regional offices in Austin, TX, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan.

Graphen's two main offerings are AI Foundation and AI Finance. Graphen AI Foundation includes next-generation AI Platform Ardi, AI Security and AI Medical. Our AI Finance provides AI Banking, AI Investment, AI Insurance and AI Legal solutions.

Our system consists of ground-breaking technologies mimicking full functions of the brain. It provides a competitive advantage through large-scale artificial intelligence knowledge building, recognition, feeling, reasoning and strategic thinking that can hardly be matched by humans alone. Graphen's next-generation technologies include Linked Big Data, Advanced Visualization, Autonomous Learning, Cognitive Feeling, Machine Reasoning, Strategic Thinking, Human Understanding and Prediction.

Products or services

Graphen currently provides 3 unique and patented AI platforms with solutions for our highly satisfied customers in different industries for special advanced topics and challenges:

◆ Ardi AI 平台
以目前發現最古老的人類祖先 - Ardi命名,具有440萬年歷史的女性始祖地猿。我們的人工智能平台試圖模仿人腦的所有功能。人類和其他動物之間的差別,主要在於我們具有推理,理解和決定策略的能力。

【Graphen's GraphDB vs. Neo4J】
√ Experiments performed with a previous implementation (PrevG) showed better scalability when compared with Neo4J
√ Performing 100K graph traversals from various random starting points
√ Prev G scaled from 37 seconds with one thread to 3.5 seconds using 16 threads
√ Neo4j Scaled from 69 seconds when using one thread to 41 seconds when using four threads and no additional scaling after that

◆ Anita AI 交易員

◆ Adam AI機器人

◆ FinTech AI 平台

Our current AI industry solutions include:

【Smart Factory : Industry 4.0 + AI】
√ Predictive Maintenance
√ Advanced Optical Inspection
√ Cognitive Robot
【Healthcare and Medical Sensing】
【Fraud Detection】
【Smart Retail】
【Cybersecurity for APT and internal threat detection】
【BFSI (Bank/Finance Services/Insurance)】
√ Anti money laundering (AML)
√ Non-performing loan (NPL)

◆ Examples of successful user cases:

※ Significantly improving Non-Performing-Loan Accuracy Rate in one of the world’s large finance banks (from ~20% prediction accuracy to ~60% accuracy).
※ Advanced Anti-Money Laundering for banks — capable of predicting unknown unknowns.
※ Detecting Fraud from Real-Time on Transactions in one of the world’s largest transaction platform — scale of billions
Analyzing relationship data for an European bank.
※ Cyber and Physical Security for another European bank.

【 Culture and Technology】
√ Team player and collaboration
√ Analytical and detail oriented
√ Entrepreneur spirit and cross boundary
√ Knowledge or taken courses for AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP
√ Technologies we’re interested in: Java, C++, Python, ElasticSearch, Sonar, Linux, Docker, Bamboo, Travis, AWS, EC2, Azure, Jenkins, Git, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Nginx, Apache, Kafka, Zookeeper

Employee benefits


1. 工作時間彈性, 管理風格人性化
2. 休假優於勞基法規定。
3. 有機會至海外出差及學習。
4. 跨國會議及研討機會眾多, 可增進國際交流。
5. 經常舉辦內部技術分享, 亦鼓勵參與研討會增長專業知能。


Graphen work environment photoGraphen work environment photoGraphen work environment photo



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