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  • 熟悉前端Web技術,包括但不限於:Typescript、React、Webpack、Next.js、Relay、Tailwind、CSS-in-JS(通過styled-components或emotion)。
  • 擁有 GraphQL(Apollo、Relay)和 REST 技術(fetch、react-swr、react-query)的工作經驗。
  • 通過(單元)jest 和 react-testing-library 以及 (e2e) cypress 進行測試的經驗。


  • 4年以上軟件工程經驗。
  • 熟悉 D3、visx 和/或其他圖形/可視化技術。
  • 熟悉 Docker 是一個加分項。
  • 對區塊鏈技術和礦池行業的知識/興趣。

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer to join our small and collaborative team to work on one of the most rewarding projects in the fintech industry.

Basic Requirements

  • Familiar with modern frontend web technologies, including but not limited to: Typescript, React, Webpack, Next.js, Relay, Tailwind, CSS-in-JS (via styled-components or emotion).
  • Has working experience with GraphQL (Apollo, Relay) and REST technologies (fetch, react-swr, react-query).
  • Experience with testing via (unit) jest and react-testing-library, and (e2e) cypress.
  • Has an eye for design-aesthetic, or the ability to fully implement a reference design from Figma / Sketch into code. Bonus points if you frequent Dribbble and/or Awwwards for design inspiration.
  • y.

Preferred Requirements

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Familiar with code-sharing and mono-repo maintenance strategies, via yarn workspaces, Lerna, or NX.
  • Familiar with the finite state-machine model in building complex UI components or workflows (we use XState).
  • Familiar with D3, visx and/or other graphing/visualization technologies.
  • Familiarity with Docker is a plus.
  • Knowledge / interest in blockchain technology & mining pool industry.
  • Experience with agile development methodology.
  • Experience delivering and owning web-scale data systems in production.
  • Experience working with remote teams.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Passionate about cryptocurrency and public-blockchain technologies.
  • Has an interest in creating an entirely new market with Hashrate (compute power) as a commodity.
  • Has an interest in thinking and evolving the architecture of our software to make it robust and maintainable.
  • Enjoys writing code and pushing boundaries of what has been done so far.
  • Brings fun to the team but can also go down the rabbit hole to push quality code on schedule.
  • Understands architectural principles; expert level in software engineering.


  • Actively participate during the product design phases, analyzing requirements, and proposing innovative and alternative solutions.
  • Collaborate on architecture definitions, always thinking of solutions that are scalable and secure.
  • Develop quality code, with emphasis on correctness of the implementation.
  • Collaborate in the evolutionary maintenance of the product.
  • Design, document, automate and execute test plans.
  • Participate in the process of generating and analyzing features.

790,000+ TWD / mes
Gestión de 1-5 personas
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