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Job Description 職務

1. Familiar with Xcode development environment
2. Familiar with Cocoa and AppKit on macOS / Android system.
3. Familiar with C++ and Objective-C or Swift. (At least 3-year development experience).
4. At least 3-year experience in developing applications on macOS system.
5. Familiar with lldb runtime debugging
6. Familiar with multithread programming
7. Experience in Git for source code management and know GitFlow


1. Using Qt to develop cross-platform application 2. Multimedia codec experience 3. Shell script 4. Jenkins CI 5. JSON 6. CMake 7. Network programming experience.


50K ~ 65K TWD/month

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Newline Interactive Asia

新北市中和區板南路653號17樓/ 新竹縣竹北市嘉豐南路二段76號4F-3

About us

The most important aspect of any great product is how easy it is for anyone to use. Newline Interactive is dedicated to providing solutions for our customers that save them time and help them be more successful, by creating state-of-the-art products that are so simple to use that everyone can interact and enjoy the innovation behind them. Newline Interactive,我們致力於為客戶提供這樣的解決方案:前所未有卻極易使用的劃時代產品。 在2012年建立Newline Interactive時,Chris Bradford和Kevin Wang發現市場上最先進的產品和最先進的使用者體驗之間存在缺口。對於他們來說,偉大產品最重要的特質是容易使用。他們要打造的產品是兼具外觀和功能吸引力,且是簡單到人人都能享受創新互動的產品。 在Newline,我們日復一日地萌發新想法,開發新產品,做別人未曾嘗試過的創新。從互動式顯示器到獲獎的軟體,我們專注於做吸引人的技術。技術的發展終究是要使生活更輕鬆簡單,而我們所專注的技術就是為了達到這個目標。「簡單」是我們能創造極具吸引力產品的關鍵。

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