HOMEE AI_Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

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Job Description

1. Develop high performance and data intensive backend systems.


Minimum qualifications:
Minimum qualifications:
1. 5+ years experience in python or other scripting languages.
2. 5+ years experience in at least one static typed language.
3. Experience working with relational databases like MySQL.
4. Experience in developing clean and maintainable APIs.
5. Experience with cloud environments like AWS, Lambda, Serverless or Azure/GCP
6. Must have 5+ years leadership experience

Preferred Qualifications:
1. An expert in data modeling for relational databases.
2. Experience designing and implementing real time pipelines and microservices.
3. Experience scaling large databases and data intensive applications.
4. Experience with CI/CD technologies like terraform, GHA and docker … etc.
5. Experience with user authentication and authorization between multiple systems and servers.
6. Deep understanding of MySQL, Snowflake, ElasticSearch, Dynamo and other databases.
7. Expert in designing fault-tolerant systems.

Interview process

1.請將履歷寄至[email protected],以利人資部門儘速處理履歷審核





5 years of experience required
1,500,000 ~ 2,000,000 TWD / year
Partial Remote Work
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About us

HOMEE AI 為首創空間設計 AI SaaS軟體的科技公司,幫助使用者輕鬆打造室內空間。我們獨特的3D室內AI軟體,能加速全球的企業品牌與消費者快速完成室內佈置的需求及佈局,協助全球家居產業數位轉型。

我們的技術包含使用數以萬計開源與閉源、生成式與非生成式的多種不同 AI 模型、數千種空間場景、數萬個商品的資料庫,整合類視覺神經及語言模型,產生真實空間尺寸、影像,一舉突破電腦視覺限制, HOMEE AI 與全球 AI 公司包含 OpenAI 並列為能為人類帶來重要的貢獻,我們也被視為NVIDIA的重要策略夥伴。

「HOMEE 合宜家居」屬於空間運算領域 HOMEE AI ,是台灣家居市場上首個運用科技系統建立的 C2M 通路,應用 HOMEE AI 獨家開發的空間技術,協助消費者快速居家佈置,我們已整合破百家的供應商加入我們,提供兼具美感與獨特性的家居用品。




HOMEE AI is an international Spatial Computing company that leverages generative 3D models and AI with spatial understanding capabilities, combined with in-depth domain knowledge, to enhance the integration of virtual and real spaces in the home industry.

Positioned at the forefront of industry transformation, our product lineup includes B2B2C virtual space arrangement, OMO experience integration, and AI models optimized for the household industry. We are actively shaping the world's perception of the digital twin, delving into cutting-edge technologies such as VR/AR, 3D AI, and SLAM, and have been invited to prominent events like CES, GTC, WWDC, AWE, and Google Next.

We have established deep collaborations with industry leaders such as NVIDIA , Google, AWS, IKEA, positioning ourselves as pioneers in bringing AI to the furniture industry. There are currently over thousands of customers on our reservation list, excited to try on our product.

As we ride on the waves of technological change, our team continuously engages with the latest industry trends, bridging the future societies and emerging technologies and bringing Spatial AI into everyday life.

We offer stock options, flat organizational structure, and foster a culture of freedom with ownership, following the flexible pace of Silicon Valley.

Come and join us, if you welcome challenges and are interested in taking part in enhancing Taiwan's software standing internationally!


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Mid-Senior level
1.2M ~ 2M TWD / year