UEFI BIOS Engineer

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Job Description

工作職缺為:UEFI BIOS工程師

工作內容為:主機板、桌機、工作站的 UEFI BIOS 模組化設計/移植/問題分析/除錯與測試/反饋結果,根據客戶的SPEC實現 BIOS 功能

工作地點為:新北市土城區中山路3號 中山二廠(土城工業區)


學歷: 大學(含)以上


1 Familiar with the C language (must)
    2 Familiar with x86 PC architecture
    3 Basic understanding of hardware and UEFI/BIOS interactions
    4 Fluent in Good analytical, problem solving, and debugging skills a plus
    5 Good interpersonal/communication skills
    6 Ability to operate as a contributor and within a team environment
    7 Fluent in both written and spoken Mandarin a plus
    1. 熟悉C/C++ 語言
    2. 了解PC X86 架構
    3. 邏輯概念和問題分析能力
    4. 有溝通協調能力
    5. 具英文讀寫能力


薪資福利部分: 面議 (網站註明部分屬於新幹班條件)

45,000 ~ 52,000 TWD / month
Managing staff numbers: not specified
Optional Remote Work
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