Socialtech Startup Intern 社群新創學習生/實習生

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  • Work hands-on on innovative and social-impacting products, from the ground up
  • Learn product management from an 18-year Silicon Valley product veteran
  • Be part of a garage-mode socialtech startup team
  • Learn agile development, tools, tricks, and project management
  • Learn to work with UX and engineering to define and build exciting, impactful consumer product features
  • Learn UX, create wireframes and mock-ups
  • Help develop the go-to-market strategies
  • Help raise awareness and raise funds
  • Possibly join the team as the full-time junior product manager when we and you are ready (in about 3 months)
  • 有美國矽谷產品開發18年經驗的創辦人指導
  • 加入早期階段社群新創
  • 學習敏捷開發,工具,技巧,及專案管理
  • 學習與設計師,程式工程師合作開發客戶產品功能
  • 參與UX設計
  • 參與市場分析和策略
  • 參與宣傳募資
  • 有機會轉為全職junior PM


  • Must have interest in product management as a career
    Must be college senior or above
  • Must be passionate about startups
  • Technical, business, or social studies major
  • Strong research and analytical acumen, great presentation skills
  • Strong spoken, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Highly self-motivated, personable, energetic and creative
  • Minimum 18 hours a week, commit to at least 3 months.
  • Proficient in Chinese and good reading, listening, spoken English
  • Bonus : Frequent user of Facebook Groups, DCard, PTT, Line, and other similar social media tools a plus

  • 大四或研究所在學, 或已畢業
  • 要有意願當產品經理
  • 對新創和創新有熱誠
  • 科技, 商, 或社會相關科係
  • 具有研究, 分析, 和呈現報告能力
  • 可獨立作業且具備溝通協調和組織能力
  • 一週至少15小時,最短3個月
  • 中,英聽說讀寫
  • 加分:熟悉Facebook, Line, DCard, PTT, 或其他社群媒體尤佳
170 ~ 170 TWD/




Taipei, Taiwan


戶鄰里 | We are a socialtech startup intent on creating private neighborhood social networks in Taiwan and Asia. Our goal is to connect neighbors so they stay in the know, share useful local information, and keep each other safe. We intend to bring great social impact, but we are also a for-profit entity and we're very excited about our business model and its growth potential. Founder Jason has many years of experience in Silicon Valley leading tech teams on product development and is very excited to work with a young team in Taiwan. Will you join us?

我們是一個社群新創, 目的是要開發一個在台灣的線上社區社群平台. 透過網站和行動app, 把鄰里連結分享在地資訊. 我們的平台會帶給社會很大益處, 但我們也為我們的商業模式興奮. 創辦人有多年美國矽谷帶領網路軟體開發的經驗, 很期待與台灣的小團隊合作. 你有興趣加入我們行列嗎?


Jason T
Jackson C
Sandy H


軟體測試工程師 - Intern

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