Software Development Engineer in Test

Job Description

The HTC VR Service team is looking for new talent to join our rapidly changing and expanding team. If you’re interested in working with HTC to build the next generation of competitive cloud services for VR business, then you may find your future in one of the career opportunities below. Our goal is to provide the next generation of cloud infrastructure, platform services and cloud solutions.

Most of Our team are developer background an several talents who have ever have speech in Taiwan open source activity. We will discuss with RD for the framework correctness and also writing code to facilitate much areas spreading Docker, Git, Jenkins, Python, Scala, Mongo, Web, Android, C#, Jmeter, etc area. Actually we are all developers doing automation testing on the Cloud Server/Client Functionality Test, Server/Client Performance Testing, Various kinds of Device and Browsers UI automation testing and hopefully all are replacement by the automation CI process. 


Fast learner, with an excellent attention to detail. Ability to work in a dynamic fast paced environment. Strong analytical and problem solving skill


Monthly TWD 50,000 ~ 70,000



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